Friday, August 9, 2013

BLOXcon London: Vaktovian Interviews

In the following three BLOXcon London mini-interviews; I got to speak in person to a group of three individuals who were currently or had been previously been part of the Vaktovian Empire. They were intriguing conversations considering I have strayed as far away as possible from war clans for over three years. 

Interview with halorabbit:

Q. When did you join ROBLOX?
A. Early 2008

Q. What made you want to join Vaktovian Empire?
A. They had a very established reputation, a great the image, and the persona of a mighty group.

Q.  What made you want to resign?
A. He tells me 'speaking from the heart' - That it takes up a lot of time, and that changes come up. (I'm not quite sure what these changes are, but let's roll with it.)

Q. Who is your favourite staff member?
A. Shedletsky

Interview with BR4DERZ:

Q. What made you want to join the Vaktovian Empire?
A. Introduced by a friend, discovered the enjoyment of war clans

Q. What rank do you currently hold in the Vaktovian empire and how did you obtain it?
A. Sergeant and was promoted for being active within the group

Q. What would you say is the most enjoyable part of being in the clan?
A. Having a reputation and raiding other clans

Q.What did you have for lunch?
A. -Laughs- McDonalds. (This was some kind of inside joke between the trio, don't ask). 

Interview with Domeboybeene:

Q. What was your favourite holiday event?
A. The ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2013. I played with clan mates 
Domeboybeeneand filled an entire server with Vaktovian troops

Q. Would you say that Vaktovian empire is technologically advanced?
A. -Laughs- We’re getting there

Q. What kind of vehicles do you use?
A. The VampAPC and the unmanned-ATAC are just two examples

Q. What hat do you wear with your uniform?
A. It would have to be Black Crisis

Thanks for reading and look for more BLOXcon London interviews!

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