Thursday, August 8, 2013

Place Review: The Forgotten Kingdom RPG

Thumbnail of The Forgotten Kingdom RPG
Hey guys, DDude9091 here. Today, my mentor Zakary99 assigned me to review The Forgotten Kingdom RPG. Buckle your pants, guys, this is a bad one. This game has been on the front page since this morning, and after playing through it, I have no idea how. As you may see in any other RPG game, you spawn in a small village. Surrounding it are some level one monsters, and you are equipped with a bronze sword. Several buildings can be found around the village. a sword shop, magic shop, bow shop, and pawn shop, for example. It’s really no different than any other RPG game I've ever seen. As put so eloquently by the creator, "You live in a small village attacked by monsters. It's your job to help the villagers and kill the monsters!".

The reason I'm ranting about this is because so little effort was put in to it. Like any other RPG game I've seen, this game uses Kitteh6660’s RPG kit. Even with this extremely simple and easy to use kit, he didn't configure it well at all. Half of the shops I tried to use would not put a shop GUI on my screen; that, or they didn't show the price and damage of the weapon. 

I didn't even have to level up to go check the shops behind the level 10 door. You can easily cheat by jumping from a tree to get on top of the wall. Not to mention that if you walk around up there, you’ll find some swords the creator misplaced in studio that will wipe out any monster you face. A good half of the creatures continually die over and over again. Another third of them spawn as only a head and a torso, with no sword at all. That leaves about a sixth of them that actually work. 

A screenshot showing the hole in the wall.
In the level 10 realm, there’s a huge, gaping hole in the wall where you can just walk out on to a small baseplate. No level door or anything to keep players from just going out there. When I tried out the PvP arena, I was immediately mobbed by a player who tried to slaughter me. Upon going through the teleport back to spawn, I landed right back on the teleporter to the PvP arena. It took me at least a minute of unsuccessful attempts to leave.

Building: 3/10
Hey, at least he had some c-framed walls in there, but that may be hurting more than helping. The c-frame created many cracks and holes in the wall. The houses were built okay, but there were things that were lacking.

Scripting: 2/10
Even though he used a kit, he still messed up plenty of times. Just take a look at the health of the monster on the current thumbnail, or below that where he spelled "through" incorrectly.

Overall: 2.5/10
Try play-testing your game before releasing it. It will help you catch more mistakes. Also, always check for cracks and holes, or ways you can cheat.

Thanks for reading,

(Shadowing Zakary99)