Saturday, August 31, 2013

A small Introduction to our new intern: bennyhill44

Hello guys, I am bennyhill44, the newest member of staff in Roblox News! I will be working here as a writer, and my dream is to get all of you reading my articles.

If possible, I will write up to 3 articles a day. They will mainly be about detailed places, but some will be about hats, models, gears and groups. If I drafting an article on your game, group, etc, I will need you to get what I need done for the article; e.g. quotes and pictures. I don't mind suggestions, but I run articles the way I need them, I won't allow you to decide what pictures I put on and what quotes go with what.

Things about me: I love writing and reading.  I love spending time with friends and just generally friendly people. I speak Spanish, French, English and German. I am trying to learn C++ and Lua. I am a complicated person and I would rather figure things out for myself. My future careers goals are; to work for ROBLOX as a writer and being a charity worker.

That's all really, my first article will be posted soon :D
See my profile: bennyhill44