Sunday, August 4, 2013

Retro Weekend Overview

ROBLOX has done a lot of different things to really spice up the summer, some highlights were the Midsummer-Night's Sale, LOL Day, and Video Game Day. Now summer is nearing the end and the admins aren't done yet! Now the admins have come up with something new - Retro Weekend. Retro Weekend is pretty much a weekend full of "Retro" hats, meaning, classic throwbacks. Tons of classic items are being remade, such as the banded top hat series, chronoterminus, and ninja mask series.

Linked Sword

To start off the weekend, of course, is gear Friday. A bit before Linked Sword was released, Brighteyes tweeted "Are you guys ready for the sale of a beloved SFOTH relic?." This led most users to know, for a fact, that the last SFOTH sword was going to be released - Linked Sword. Linked Sword is the first sword ROBLOX admins made, making it a great way to start off Retro Weekend. It was a limited item, with 100 in stock. It had a unique price - 47,324 Robux. For those wondering the seemingly random price, it is actually the ID to "Sword Fights on the Heights IV." 
Scroll of Sevenless

Next up was the Scroll of Sevenless, originally created by user SonofSevenless. On click, 20 explosions go off in a line of the direction you click. There is almost no reload time, making it one of the most overpowered gears out there. It is 2,000 Robux, and timed to go off sale at the end of the weekend.
Battle Slingshot

Next up was another classic gear, the slingshot at Games' game, ROBLOX Battle. It is a rapid fire slingshot that does little damage per hit, but is payed off by it's rapid fire system. It is priced at 75 Robux, and has no timer, making it the first non "limited" item this sale.

Retro Weekend Lampshade

The first hat released really gave away the fact that Retro Weekend has really started. Retro Weekend Lampshade is a remake of the very classic lampshade series. It is priced at 35 Tix making it one of the few tix items out currently that is actually great. I'd snag one up before it possibly goes off sale on Monday.
Ninja Mask of Fire

Next up came a remake of the ninja mask series, started about 3 years ago. It's a red version of the Ninja Mask of Shadows/Light/Awesomeness. It is the cheap price of 12 Robux, and is definitely worth the money.
Yellow Banded Top Hat

A remake of one of my favorite hat series, the Banded Top Hats. This one has a yellow band, with some texture on it, unlike the others. It is priced at 4,000 Robux, to fit between the prices of the Green and Purple Banded Top Hats. 

History of ROBLOX: Volume I
History of Roblox: Volume I

The first item to come out on the last day of the sale was another book hat, History of Roblox: Volume 1. It is by far the best hat of the day (which I will get to later). It is the cheap price of 30 Robux. As the name appears, there may be a few more volumes in the future..
Masked Hood of the Slitherspeaker

This hood is probably the worst limited I've seen in a while. It came out with a price of 5,555 Robux (there's already a problem here), and a stock of 555! At the time of writing this, it is still currently selling out, very, very slowly. When it sells out, it will no doubt fail. It should be noted that the texture is pretty awesome, however.
Chronoinitium: The Harbinger Helm
Chronoinitium: The Harbinger Helm

Next up was another limited item that disappointed a lot of people, including me. This hat was rumored to be the big limited of the weekend, which it was, but it was 50,000 Robux, a lot more than most people expected. It has a stock of 50 and is doing okay profit wise.
Happy Time Magic Flower Bowler
Happy Time Magic Flower Bowler

Up next is an okay looking remake of the classic Happy Time Magic Flower Hat which reuses parts of the original texture, and opts for a new, but retro style mesh. It is the cheap price of 101 Robux, and is probably one of the better hats this weekend.

After most users thought the sale was over (which it probably should have been), the admins made probably one of the worst hats I have EVER seen. This ugly, unpolished valkyrie helm is by far the ugliest hat this weekend. And to make things even better, ROBLOX priced it at the cheap price of.. 1 Million Tickets!!  (an equivalent to around 90,000 Robux).This is by far the worst hat this weekend, possibly even this year (or all-time).

Overall, Retro Weekend wasn't too bad, besides the limiteds and Valkyrie. Tons of great, cheap hats were made, and I suggest you snag them all up now, as they may not be on sale for long (especially that lampshade).