Monday, August 19, 2013

Place Review- Broken Bones (Destruction Package) - Version 1.7.2

Hello Everybody!
I am Elvinusa a summer intern for RN and intern for PeerPants!
Today I will be doing a Place Review for the Roblox classic Broken Bones! Broken Bones is a game by zamsongod and has been played over 1,800,000 times!

The Objective is to Break as many “Bones” as possible and buy new maps and upgrade with packages! It has been running for just about 3 years now and has been updated just a couple days ago. When arriving into the game the first thing I notice is the amount of Starter Guis the game has. The words take up much of the screen and are unorganized. It’s just a scramble of junk all over the page with different colors that don’t match up. It looks messy (and it’s a major turn off) but his amount of scripting that went to it is amazing!

After the screen guis pop up. You choose a map that you can afford with the amount of points/bones that you have gathered (points save up from last sessions),and spawn in the map. From there you jump off high places and try to break bones and advance maps! The bone counting script gives you bones according to the angle you jump off of, the direction you face and other seemingly complex factors!

However nice the game seems the maps glitch often sending players flying all over the place. Advancing maps is too complicated and many players give up on the game before finishing. After time the game can seem very boring.

Interview #1
goldboy25: Hello
Elvinusa: Hello
Elvinusa: First Question
goldboy25: Alright.
Elvinusa: Do you enjoy playing Broken Bones, and why?
goldboy25: A little, I just recently started to try it out. And it's interesting to me, watching the dynamics of the game such as the great physics in the rag-doll falling part of it.
Elvinusa: Do you think its a game you will visit over and over again?
goldboy25: I'll probably go visit it every now and then, it's a nice place to meet new friends, everyone laughs about their falls.
Elvinusa: What do you like best?
goldboy25: The physics. That stuff interests me, to see what ROBLOX users and creators can make with the physics to make it seem more realistic.
Elvinusa: What is the worst aspect about it?
goldboy25: I don't see anything bad about it.
Elvinusa: What type of games do you play often in roblox?
goldboy25: I'm not much to play games on ROBLOX often, I usually build but when I do, I normally play survival games.
Elvinusa: Okay thank you for your time!
goldboy25: No problem!
Elvinusa: I will send you a URL of the article once it is published
goldboy25: Alright, thanks!
Elvinusa: See you around!

Interview #2
Elvinusa: First Question
Elvinusa: Do you enjoy playing Broken Bones?
Narichi: Sometimes
Elvinusa: On a scale of 1-10 how much do you enjoy it?
Narichi: 6
Elvinusa: What is your favorite aspect on the game?
Narichi: um...when you break your bones
Elvinusa: What is your worst aspect on the game?
Narichi: Well I have many aspects I do not enjoy but it has to be the package cost.
Elvinusa: What type of games do you play in ROBLOX?
Narichi: Probably fighting games!
Elvinusa: Okay thank you for your time!
Narichi: Welcome
Elvinusa: I will send you a URL of the article once it is published
Narichi: Alright, thanks!
Elvinusa: See you around!

The Maps are easy to build and not too much effort was put into it.

This is probably one of the best-scripted games I have seen on ROBLOX.

The Game is poorly presented with unorganized guis.Unattractive looks,badges.Bad advertising.

Overall 5/10:
Cons: One you play the game the guis embedded on the bricks fling you around often and many players get flinged off into the walls. Badges are not good. It’s too easy to break bones. Every package is too expensive. Maps are uninviting.

Pros: Some of the most advanced scripts and guis can be found here. A fairly nice hangout place for friends! The physics is realistic and true.