Friday, August 9, 2013

BLOXcon London: Interview with jamesbiggsbot and charliebiggsbot!

During my time at BLOXcon London I had the opportunity to interview countless numbers of users about their experiences on ROBLOX and at BLOXcon London. In this interview I got to talk with a family of ROBLOX players: jamesbiggsbot, charliebiggsbot and their mum; paulabiggsbot. It was a fascinating interview and all three individuals were enthusiastic about the game, even their mum prompted some of their answers! 

Q. What do you do on ROBLOX? 
A.  We play games more than we do build. 

Q. When did you join? And how did you find out about the site?
A.  July 2010 through word of mouth from our friends

Q. What is your favourite aspect of the website? 
A.  Being able to play multiplayer games with dozens of players in servers

Q. Do you have a premium membership? 
A.  One of us has a BC membership, the other is an ex-BC player

Q. Who is your favourite ROBLOX staff member? 
A.  OnlyTwentycharacters

Q. What's your favourite gear available in the catalog? 
A.  Exponential Rocket launcher 

Q. What has been your favourite part of the day so far? 
A.  Trading cards with other users and meeting ROBLOX staff 

Q. What is your favourite game and why? 
A.  Catalog Heaven because we can test gear and packages before we buy them

Q. What's do you believe was the most significant update to hit ROBLOX since you joined? 
A.  Being able to put on more than one hat (the triple hat feature)

Q. What did you have for lunch? 
A. Sausage sandwiches with ketchup. Mum adds; made by me -laughs- 

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