Sunday, August 4, 2013

Contact - An EPIC FPS

What is this?

Contact is a new First Person Shooter being developed by a small dedicated team of Robloxians. The game is being based around an open map (think Battlefield or Arma but on Roblox).I had the chance to speak to one of the main developers (FlightTheory) and discuss the production of this awesome WIP game.

Who are the developers?

The game is being developed by a team of 4; The coding and building is done by 3 main people (FlightTheory, pinkyblt and zhoutai189) then the guis, decals, thumbnails and minor code is completed by petro180. During my time of speaking with FlightTheory he was participating a group meeting and stream along with a pre-alpha game test in which I tried the game out with some temporary features. 

How do they work as a team?

The way they develop is very effective, they group call at the pre-set time and then decided what needs to be completed and by who or which people will work on it. Yesterday the were developing the regeneration system for the vehicles (the code was developed by zhoutai189 and FlightTheory).

When can I play it?

The game has been developed for around 6 months now but they take a laid back approach to the games development. I want to clarify I don't mean they are lazy more that they don't set dates where something MUST be completed by the just make it so features are perfect or up to standard before group supporters testing or release. they also do major script protection to protect their work so far. 
When I asked FlightTheory when the game would be in Alpha stage he replied with "2 - 3 weeks" but the then went on to say they don't like setting definitive dates for release as they don't want to rush and release a broken game. 

What can I expect?

You can certainly expect an addictive FPS which keeps you on the edge of your seat whilst not feeling too intense constantly. You will need to always watch out for vehicles flying above your head or appearing over the hilly terrain. If you wish to keep up to date join their Roblox group and watch their stream. They release new features for testing when they open it on the stream to  generate user feedback. They team is American coders and builders so expect the times to be unsociable if you are from the UK or elsewhere (it was opened just after midnight when I tested it).

In-game ScreenShot

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