Friday, August 9, 2013

Place Review: Tornado Survival

Tornado Alley *NEW!* (V.1.1)_ImageAs I say many times, there's not many games on the front-page that either myself or another Roblox News Staff Member hasn't reviewed. And it's getting really hard to find games, I think I've found one; as with every game, it has down points. Especially the unusually long wait time to get into the game! I am just standing on a teleport waiting for it to magically start working...

First of all, what is up with the front-cover. I mean it's not exactly true is it, the only true thing is the name-tag, and the title. That's it, the picture in the background is completely fake. If I ever saw a game that realistic on ROBLOX I wouldn't play Portal 2.

When I entered the game, the building wasn't awful, but it wasn't detailed, it was in-fact quite simple & nice. Greendude5 told me "The game isn't very well detailed", so he agreed with my statement completely. I think the game is fun in it's own little way, as we never get Tornadoes in the United Kingdom so it kind of gives me the thrill of a lifetime.

The coding on this game is a loop, it will choose a random map, make some random sounds, teleport all the players to the map and then at the end of the round it will kill them, allowing the script to restart. It's clever, but simple. I would find a loop without a death a lot simpler. Despite it's fun gameplay, I am not a fan of this game and would probably not play it in my free-time. Never-the-less, I should still be fair in my judgings. The Guis on the game are not made by the creator, you can tell by the fact that there are two Guis with a round edge and then one which is straight, and not rounded.

Building: 6/10
The building is fairly good, and above average, but I still think there should be more.

Scripting: 4/10
Not excellent scripting at all, the creator should revise and learn. Maybe get rid of teleport buttons and make his own guis.

Overall: 5/10
It's average, not a thing I would play in my spare-time.

Thanks for reading this review.

~Zakary W.

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