Friday, August 2, 2013

Preview: Roblox Adventure: Bot Conquest

Since I haven't exactly been able to find games to do a proper review or spotlight on, here's something a little bit different to keep you contained while I attempt to find some content for next week that isn't a generic front page game rant.

So most of you may remember the "climax" to the Roblox Adventure series, Roblox Adventure 3: The Rise of Nobeesi. This released back in February 21st or so of last year, after Tyler went on a hiatus for pretty much the rest of the year, he came back in April to start work in Roblox Adventure: Bot Conquest, which is not a sequel to Roblox Adventure 3, but more of a spin-off.

I won't say too much about the plot, but needless to say it's sort of a ROBLOX "apocalypse" scenario which requires you to join up with a resistance and with the use of the technology of "Hyperlinks", that are basically backups of "placedata" from the worlds you will be going into to get Roblox Tokens. There will be 6 worlds, if you count the very expansive wastelands that will contain "more easter eggs than your aunt can shake at you." 

The worlds are as follows;

"Crossroads Valley - Based on the original BrickBattle map of a similar name, Crossroads Valley is undergoing a war between two overly competitive brickbattle teams. They're constantly fighting over bragging rights as Letski, the groundskeeper, watches to keep himself entertained. Also found in this level are throwbacks to other classic levels (such as reimagined cannons from Glass Houses) and a popular fighting tournament in Sword Fight Heights.

Architect's Asylum - A floating construction zone in the sky rests upon a bed of secrets and complicated creations. In this world, you'll meet Trussel, a lonely builder who just wants to prove he's as elite as anyone else when it comes to building. But while helping him, you might dig up some secrets about the Asylum that were better left uncovered...

Galleon Grove - This world is one of the more quiet ones. It's an enourmous ocean cavern, drained and left to time, where plant life began to overgrow everything. There's even a forest in one of the caves. An entire forest. That's how huge and overgrown it is. Don't forget to check out the spooky ship graveyard, too!

ERR#R - You find the USB Drive for this level in a puddle, if that tells you anything. At first glance, it seems as if you've entered a simple village. But in this once-humble town are the Salem Glitch Trials - people are slowly being pulled out into the surrounding corrupted areas, and blame is being thrown around nonstop. You're the only sane person around (hopefully), so it's up to you to solve this world's dilemma. Just beware when you step out of the villager. Horrible, mutated townsfolk and physics glitches await you in the buggy outskirts of this realm.

The Core - ?"
The gameplay won't be vastly different from the past games, but there will be some new elements and features brought to the table, such as;
"Furniture- Found in treasure chests (amongst other loot), you can find furniture to decorate your own apartment in the Rebel HQ with! Show off your achievements, or just build a sweet-lookin' pad.
Roblox Panels- Collect all 6 letters of R O B L O X and you'll earn yourself a Token. There's a different set in each Hyperlink world. 
Tickets- Main currency of the game. They'll be used for a lot of things, unlike how Coins were handled in RA3. They're never lying around on the ground. You'll have to pop balloons, bust open crates, or hunt down treasure chests for tickets; you might even find some elusive stashes of Robux."
So it appears we'll be getting a sims?-esque house customization system, blue coins will be replaced with Roblox Panels, and Coins from the last game will be replaced with Tickets, as all listed above.

The game is undergoing slow, but progressive development but it's sure to speed up since Tyler is working on getting the enemy AI working and Crossroads Valley at the moment, so why don't you go check out what he HAS made thus far? You can also keep up with development on this thread from Ironnoob (which I got most of this info from) here.

I really apologize for the "copy'n'paste" content for this post, but I'll be sure to get something out this weekend to make up for it, and not to mention with school starting, etc. I may not be able to post as much but we'll see.