Sunday, August 18, 2013

Place Review: Girls Hangout! [Boys Welcome]

Hey guys, DDude9091 here. My mentor has assigned me the place "Girls Hangout! [Boys Welcome]". As if the typo in the name wasn't enough. Right when I entered the game, I heard about 5 different songs playing at once. Guys...this one isn't going to be too pleasant.

The current thumbnail of the game.
You spawn on a green baseplate surrounded by free models. Ladies and Gentlemen, on your left you'll find free modeled race track. Please direct your attention now to the area in front of the spawn, where a free modeled morph set can be found. Let's keep it moving and head to the right. Now, once you get past the pink building, you'll see a free modeled pink swimming pool. On the far end of the map? A free modeled playground. Keep it moving, people, we're now going in to the pink building. You'll see about 20 or more free models in here. If you start feeling nauseous from all of the stolen things, just sit down and look at the ground.

Congrats to YewJoeChai for being
the closest to the total!
I decided to put on a little competition to see who could guess the amount of free models and be the closest. YewJoeChai came the closest, with his guess of 47. Ladies and Gentlemen, can I get a drum roll? The total amount of free models is...40! Let's hear it for YewJoeChai!

All funny business put aside, this has to be the most awful game I have ever played. I haven't even covered the tools in your inventory yet. The 7 are all free modeled, and don't even try the Dance tool.

Tool 1: Super Gravity Coil
Jumping with the coil equipped just sends you flying, and unless you actually un-equip it, you'll be sent flying in to space.

Tool 2: Fly
I've got nothing to say about this one besides that its free modeled. I mean, it works, but that's it.

Tool 3: Teleport
Free modeled, plus you can use it to get in to the admin room. All that's in there is a few morphs, anyways.

Tool 4: Backflip
You know, there's nothing like doing free modeled backflips while driving free modeled cars around a free modeled racetrack.

Tool 5: Frontflip
Spam it enough and  your character will break.

Tool 6: Dance
Don't even try to equip this one. It teleports you to a seperate baseplate before you fall to your death. I'm not a scripter, but I don't even know how that's possible that a free model screwed up that bad.

Tool 7: Guitar
All it is? A crappy silver colored guitar that plays a note when you click.

Building: 1/10
The only thing built by the creator was the floor and walls of the pink building

Scripting: 0/10
Scripting? What scripting?

Overall: 0.5/10
I'll finish off my post by saying: Don't. Play. This. I know a lot of people think, "Oh, this game looks so awful! I'll play it to laugh at it!". All that does is earn the owner more money for nothing.

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(Shadowing Zakary99)