Friday, August 2, 2013

Place Review: Kohls Admin House (BC / NBC Version)

Hey everyone! PeerPants here, after my break from ROBLOX to focus on my GCSE's (exams), and I've had a few other things keeping me busy, like a holiday in France. But anyway, I'm back! So here is the first of my many posts I am planning to write to make up to arbirator for being away. Anyway, can this place live up to it's hype?

Kohls Admin House [NBC Version]_ImageKohls Admin House [BC Version]_Image

Place Reviewed: Kohls Admin House by agspureiam
Last Updated: 1 Hour Ago Week Ago (as of 28th July)
Visits: 4,513,000+ on NBC Version, 381,000+ on BC Version.
Game Passes: 1 - Perm Admin -  1500 Tix / 150 R$ 

Most of the Admin Houses I've been to are a total waste of time, which has put me off going to admin houses. However, when I saw one on the front page of all games for a long amount of time, it made me think that someone might actually have made a good admin house.

So, I decided to play the game. As soon as I entered, I noticed that the admin house wasn't any different to all of the other thousands of 'admin house' games on ROBLOX.

Firstly, I entered the game and I was immediately killed by someone who had blocked off the entrance, and was killing anyone who went anywhere near the house. This made it impossible to get anywhere near the admin, so what was the point in playing? That was when I went back to the game's page and noticed the game pass on sale for 150 R$, Perm Admin. So, that is agspureiam's way of earning money, make a game which is not enjoyable at all without the 1500 Tix / 150 R$ game pass.

I decided to purchase the game pass, so I purchased it then entered the game again. I could now teleport my way out of trouble, but the game still wasn't fun, it seemed the only way to have fun was to abuse the admin.

Gameplay: 2 / 10
As I said earlier, the game is only fun if you abuse the admin, so Gameplay gets a 2.
Effort: 1 / 10
agspureiam (the creator) made nothing himself, so effort gets a 1.
Creativity: 1 / 10
There are thousands of Admin Houses on ROBLOX, and this definitely isn't the first. Creativity rating gets a 1.
Overall: 1.3 / 10