Saturday, August 24, 2013

Worth It or Forget It?: Blackvalk

Worth It or Forget It?

          Hello readers! Chubbs21 here with a new type of article! Today I will be doing something I call Worth It or Forget It, a type of article where I look at all the pros and cons of a catalog item and rate it as "Worth It" or "Forget It"!

          The looks on this hat are pretty cool. It's similar to the original valk just different colors. The colors are black and orange and it looks like a Halloween valk. This hat could go really good with many different hats, and even looks good just by itself. This hat is very classic looking and I like that they didn't make a new mesh. It's perfect for lots of costumes and is overall, a great hat.

          The cost of this hat is rather unfortunate if you we're planning to buy this. It is selling for a whopping 1,000,000Tx! Only 34 people have purchased this hat as of 7/8/13. It it worth the money? Will this hat even go limited? No one really knows. I honestly don't see why it's so demanding. Another con is the texture. The original valk had just 3 colors and so does this, but I think it could of had a better texture.

Worth It or Forget It?:
          It honestly depends how much you have. If you have tons more than 1MTx, or 100KR$, to spend, go for it. If you are selling all your stuff or have just enough for it, don't get it. It isn't worth it that much. Overall, I think this hat is a Forget It. It is beyond overpriced and the cons just overrule the pros in this one. Thanks for reading.

Hat: Blackvalk