Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Shark Week Hat Reviews

(Apologies to Pbjms for not getting this out sooner ~IBarrageI)

Hello! Pbjms back with another review. This week, I'll be reviewing the three hats bumped to the front of the catalog for Discovery Channel's Shark Week! The three hats I mentioned are Shark Knit, Defeated Shark, and Shark Tooth Necklace.

Shark Knit: 10/10
Shark Knit
"This shark, swallow you whole."

Mesh: 10/10 - The mesh is really nice. It has the normal Knit hat look to it, but has some extra details to make it really look like a shark (eyes, teeth, and fins).

Texture: 10/10 - The texture looks great, the shark itself is grey to represent a real shark, while the eyes are black buttons. The fins have nice shadows along them, along with the main shark body. The teeth are the only texture-less parts of the hat, but they're teeth, and look nice being plain and white.

Price: 10/10 - The knit is priced at the cheap price of 15 Robux, cheap, but it could be cheaper. Lately, the admins have been ruining the second currency, Tix. Less Tix hats have been published, and TONS of Tix hats have been going off sale. But to get to the point, the price is really great for the look of the knit hat. 

Defeated Shark: 7/10
Defeated Shark 
"When you're a pirate, every week is shark week. This week the shark lost."

Mesh: 9/10 - The mesh looks okay. It resembles a shark head removed from the shark itself, hence the name, defeated shark. There is a fin on the top of the shark, and teeth with gums towards the bottom.

Texture: 7/10 - The texture is too plain. It's just plain grey with a random white above the pink gums and teeth. The only part of this hat with any texture is the teeth, the rest is just too plain and bad. 

Price: 6/10 - The shark is priced at 500 Robux, WAY too expensive for a hat so ugly.

Shark Tooth Necklace: 8/10
Shark Tooth Necklace
"Let everybody know just how tough you are with this shark tooth necklace."

Mesh: 9/10 - The mesh is very simple. A small chain to fit around your neck, with a shark tooth shape towards the front. The downfall is that it's very small on your ROBLOXian.

Texture: 7/10 - The texture really isn't that great. The chain is dark brown, and the color of the tooth doesn't even look like a tooth. It looks brown and rusty, unlike the teeth in the other shark week hats.

Price: 8/10 - The necklace, like a lot of hats, is overpriced. It is 250 Robux, which, for a hat with this mesh and texture, is not worth it.

Overall: 8/10

Although no new hats were made, the Shark Week items that were bumped are okay. The Shark Knit, being the best, is also the cheapest, while the Defeated Shark is the most expensive, and the worst. Really goes to show how price and appearance can mix for the overall rating of a hat.