Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Place Review: Survive 1337 Crazy Epic Disasters

Survive 1337 Crazy Epic Disasters!!_ImageSo, scrolling through the front-page to find a game I or another colleague hasn't reviewed yet is hard to do. It's like searching for an item that you've misplaced and then found out that you didn't misplace it you actually lost it. Well, that's what I'm usually feeling, that's why I write CFrame reviews or Scripting Tutorials. But, I think I found a game to review. Hmmm, lets take a look at this.

It's not the best of games, and it isn't when you enter either. The front-cover of the game portrays the game to be something like a meteor crashing into the Earth and the Earth explodes. But no, the game is like 'Build to survive', the first thing I'm going to rant about is the fact that the game is called 'Survive 1337 Crazy Epic disasters', there's not 1,337 disasters, that's just a phrase to get people to enter. Why not call this game 'Build to Survive the Epic Disasters'? Is that too much to ask? A game with a name that actually matches the objective of the game. Stop dreaming Zak...

The game features code taken from Free Models, the base-plates are standard 'Welcome to ROBLOX Building' base-plates. So technically the only thing the "creator" created was the sea that surrounds the base-plates. And that's sloppy code, it like bounces up and down and up and down. I feel like I got up too fast.

The building in the game is not well CFramed at all, I could of done this in my sleep, some of the worst builders could've built it. The creator didn't build nor did he script the game. It scares me...

Building: 1/10
Not very good at all, try to improve your building skills.

Scripting: 2/10
It still features disasters I guess.

Overall: 1.5/10
It could use some work.

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