Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What if ROBLOX had a savings account?

I've been thinking, I know people in real life create savings accounts so they can retire and they will get the money that they have been paying monthly in their savings account for so many years in their bank. What if ROBLOX had this feature, so like every day us users would pay a small partition, whether it be TIX or ROBUX, and we set a deadline for this savings account to be given to us back. There would be interest of 1% per month so that users can earn a bit out of this.

This would be sort of like savings, to create a savings account users would pay 100R$. And when they create it they are given the choice of how much of their daily income they would pay into their savings account; if a user doesn't renew their builders club membership they will be able to open and get the money out of their savings account or choose to continue putting TIX into it.

This feature would take the money out of your daily ROBUX before you get it, so you cannot spend your daily ROBUX. For example, I get 60R$ a day, I would let my savings account take away 20R$, this would change my daily ROBUX to 40R$ a day. Say I chose two years of paying into my savings account, I would get around, 14,000 ROBUX when I get it opened.

With this feature, users with a savings account will have the 30% of their marketplace fee put into their savings account rather than that money being taken for nothing. This would make people stay on ROBLOX for longer and find it more productive and entrepreneurial. Personally I would do 25 ROBUX a day and 10 tix a day because I find tix useless.

With this feature users would also let their game pass money go into their savings account instead of their balance. And the same with everything else you sell.

Thanks for reading and tell me what you think on twitter or in the comments.

Twitter: @RBX_Zakary99

~Zak Wilson