Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Camouflage Fedora: Hat Review

Hey everybody, guess what? ROBLOX released ANOTHER fedora recently! This fedora has a new mesh, a new texture, and a new overpriced price! It is the Camouflage Fedora.

Camouflage Fedora
"Kickin' butt in style."

Mesh: 6.5/10
The mesh is alright. It looks like an Indiana Jones hat, all folded and weird. It's way too curved everywhere, pretty much. Its only good side is that it looks good on your character. Compared to other fedoras out there, this one probably has one of the worst meshes.

Texture: 7/10
The texture isn't any better than the mesh. It is an ugly camouflage texture, with a darkened, shadow area that might be a belt or something. There's a white spot on the "belt," which seems useless and ugly. The camouflage is, at least, camouflage looking. Shades of green and brown in a fancy little pattern to supposedly hide your appearance in the woods (though I have no idea who would wear a fedora to hide in the woods).

Price: 5/10
The price is just.. infuriating. ROBLOX admins have a habit of releasing a poorly made hat for outrageous prices. This fedora is priced at 1,000 Robux. This was made a few days ago, and only has about 100 sales. Not a surprise. It's ugly, and way too expensive.

Compared to.. (4/10)

(Instead of comparing it to other items that are 1,000 Robux, which would end awfully in this hat - I'm going to compare it to other fedoras out there..)
Snow Leopard Fedora

This Fedora is a retexture of the almost forgotten Leopard fedora (before it was remade during the Labor Day Sale). It is a pretty good looking, and only 150 Robux, which is A LOT better than the camouflage fedora. 
Fried Chicken Fedora

Though more expensive than the camouflage fedora, at a price of 1,261 Robux, it looks better. It is brown with a nice mesh and a band with fried chicken all over it. Yum.
Checkered Neon Green Fedora

While looking through the fedoras, trying to find things that weren't limiteds and obviously better than the camouflage fedora, I stumbled upon this. This ugly textured, poorly meshed fedora, is surprisingly worse than the camouflage one. It is priced at 850 Robux, which is also a poor choice, as it is worth a lot less.

Overall: 5/10

Yeah, it's really this bad. It has an ugly texture, ugly mesh, and it's price is outrageous. Compared to other fedoras, it is probably the second worst, after that monstrosity of a neon green fedora.