Monday, September 2, 2013

Game Review: Intense Swordfighting

I have seen other Roblox News Interns write articles on games from the realm of ROBLOX and I thought to myself, "Why not write one yourself? You play games as much as most people!", so here I am, writing this article on a game I have been playing a lot recently: Intense Sword Fighting by Loleris. The people at the bottom of this article helped me by giving their opinions on some of the 'Exception' maps.

Presentation: 6/10

Even though the overall presentation is fairly competent, most of the maps weren't made by him. The house which is kind of like a lobby is also not made by him, he just scripted it all together. The maps are mostly similar to one another and not very detailed and only a few are exceptions,
Rocky Island - One of many maps
The presentation is good, but could have been made so that each map had a unique identity.

Gameplay: 7/10

It is just as it says it will be, Intense. All you need to worry about is about what trick to use on your opponent each round and what sword you want. The player you fight and the map you fight on are chosen for you. That is unless you decide to say 'Duel/playername' to ask to fight someone, if they say it back ('Duel/yourname') then when you are both finished with your current fights you will fight each other. If you want to duel someone but they never accept it, you can say 'Force/playername' and although you lose 150 points, you can fight them without their choice in the matter. This can be seen as a little unfair for players who do not wish to fight certain opponents in the game lobby. The only problem I have found, is the countdown at the beginning of every round, I find it annoying because I want to fight but I cannot for the first 5 seconds because I am frozen until the countdown ends.

Scripting: 8/10

The Fight Details
The screen GUI's are amazing! They tell you your stats, a built in 'Sword Shop'. I also like the Starter GUI, when you just come on and it slowly circles round the lobby, it gives Loleris' twitter details so you can contact him for any problems. The FAQ GUI is useful though one of them isn't a question (I love your game) and another has nothing to do with ISF itself (Is Shedletsky epic?). The Fight Details script is also useful, with Name1 > Name2 meaning Name1 won and Name1 = Name2 meaning they tied. The only problem i find is the opposition choosing, I know it is in the FAQ and is answered by turning 'Off' on the auto dueling GUI, but it is still annoying to fight the same guy over and over, and if you turn auto dueling off then you have to type people's names over and over instead. 

Overall Pros:
  • The game IS intense as the title states
  • Most of the Screen Guis are useful and clear
  • The maps are small enough to not have to chase people around but big enough so you can fight properly

Overall Cons:
  • The FAQ isn't very useful in itself
  • Dull lobby
  • Similar maps

Overall Score: 7/10

The game is fun for a while but lacks that engagement factor seen in other games such Sword Fighting Tournament. I would gladly 40 minutes out of my day to play it, however.

People who helped me with parts of this Review: 

To try out Intense Sword Fighting for yourself, Click here
To visit Loleris' profile, Click here

Thanks for reading!