Saturday, September 21, 2013

Virtual Bloxcon Reveal: Halloween Event 2013

Instead of reviewing the recent gears made this Friday, I decided to inform you guys and gals about something much more exciting. During Virtual Bloxcon, an announcement was made. There is going to be a Halloween Event later this year. Based on the information given, I am going to piece together a post to show all of you readers what you should expected for the game.
Eerie Pumpkin Head
Overall Idea:
When the event was announced in detail, it was said that the event will hopefully beat the Egg Hunt earlier this year, getting much more players. It is said to be one of the largest maps ever made. The whole idea of the game is still unknown, but I can tell you that it will be amazing.

With the announcement of the Halloween Event, a new type of item was announced. Things called "consumables." From a glance at the name, I would suspect them to be things like cookies, cake, and other foods that you consume. With a little extra thought, I realized that they are possibly going to be items that you "consume," as in, use a limited amount of times then have to re-buy it.

Admins in Costumes:
During the information about the Halloween Event, some images of moderators and admins in costumes came up. They will be appearing around the level. Some costumes include Builderman as a skeleton, Sorcus as the grim reaper, Shedletsky and Brighteyes as vampires, StickMasterLuke as a zombie, ReeseMcBlox as a witch, Fusroblox as a zombie ninja, tarabyte as a cat, and blockhaak as a spider. There is also an admin in a fish monster costume, though whoever that admin is is unknown. And of course, there are most likely more admins that are unknown. Their use is to give the ROBLOXians different tasks during the level, though not much is known about that.

The Thinker's GiftNot linked with the event, Halloween Gifts were also announced. This has been a yearly tradition since 2011, and if it stays the same, all gifts will be sold in robux. None will be earned, and the biggest gift will be 31,000 Robux, though none of that is confirmed.
This event will be HUGE. It will involve a new item type, a mysterious event, admins in costumes, and of course, Gifts. The gifts will not be linked to the event, most likely. My idea for the event itself is a trick-or-treating game. The admins in costumes are said to give tasks, and the map is said to "have tons of secrets, tricks, and treats." The event will start partway into October, so stay tuned on Roblox News and Roblox for more info in the future!