Monday, September 16, 2013

The Citadel: The Pinnacle of Sci-Fi Gaming Experience

The Citadel, a majestic Sci-Fi experience by ROBLOX user SerpentNebula was featured in my "Top Seven Best Designed Places," which I was a personal fan and had a deep love for the creativity and overwhelming tangibility of such a game. The experience was great, and not long after I did the "Top Seven," I took to The Citadel for exploration and a few interviews with C-SEC, The Citadel's own security enforcement, and would get a tour from an ally of C-SEC!
A view of the Citadel's exclusive and partially off-limits area.

First impressions from entering were obvious: an absolute sensory spectacular is what lay around me. I turned the camera and caught each and every angle of it. I admired the detail, the people here, and of course the windows, doors, and custom decals. I also noticed an absolutely great use for dynamic lighting in the almost neon signs in the marketplaces and other places in The Citadel.

I had the opportunity to purchase a flying car in the game!

I had the time while I visited the place to interview a few people, UberJNemeis007 was one of the few I had the time to talk to!

We were inside a store that sold flying cars, which was guarded by the police and overwatching C-SEC and Blue Sun when I got the opportunity to talk with him.

"My job is working for the Blue Suns; a merc. group. Guns for hire. They prefer protecting citizens from danger. We rival against the abusive Eclipse."

I asked him a little bit about the average day here. I heard about riots and crazy crowds of civilians and criminals that would break into areas that were: "off-limits".

The traffic out the window moves!
"No sir, this is the only major riot we've had this month. Daily, everything is fine. This group isn't really even more than a month old; yet it grew quite big."

I mentioned myself featuring the place on my "Top Seven" a few days back.

"Have you seen the traffic?"

I answered that it was really something. People that aren't familiar with the traffic; he is referring to the flying cars. A stunning feature of this place is a perfect use of decals to make an almost gif-like movement of flying cars out the windows of The Citadel.

A fellow Blue Sun member of Uber's came over and offered me an M7 gun. I accepted it on terms of security use.

One of the shots of C-SEC and Blue Sun securing the Motors Area!

I asked him about the rumored "floor five" that I had heard about. Suspiciously, he states nothing is on Floor Five, and that it is a C-SEC only area.

As I conclude the interview, he catches up to me and we talk a few more minutes. Then I walk on to continue exploring the place. He came back a few minutes later and offered me a tour of The Citadel, a good ten to twenty minutes is what we spent looking around at the beautiful work and design as I took the pictures seen above, and admired the completely beautiful details put into it.

By the time the tour was over, I had known what I was writing about next, The Citadel: A Sci-Fi Experience Like No Other. People interested in The Citadel are seriously encouraged to go check it out; and if you want to help secure The Citadel and keep it safe, join C-SEC or Blue Sun!

The Citadel was a great Sci-Fi game, but it wasn't just the game that made it good. It was the design, the people that made it run, and the experience of it all that made it amazing.

- Darwin12