Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ROBLOX's Egregious Misleading Content: A Rant

So if you people didn't know by a variety of explosive dismay toward so-called "curators" on the ROBLOX platform by myself with misleading and off-site game content (i.e: making Minecraft in ROBLOX... really original, guys..) as well as some other results caused by myself; I have an issue with misleading and unoriginal people. If you didn't know that, perhaps you should go look at /r/roblox on reddit and go see how I handle unoriginal absurdities of the ROBLOX community (don't endorse their work or things they do over there *all the time*, though.)

This is another one of those case in points where I will use a game for a perfectly good reason to express a point in case, for this mini-episode of "pick a game then make fun of it to make your point" I go to the front page, relevant, and oh look:

That was easy.

A remarkably bad looking array of thumbnails with a bunch of awful consoles that no one endorses; some screenshots of Roller Coaster Tycoon Three.

So, after a bit of exploration of the game; I found it hardly had anything to do with Rollercoasters, let alone any of the things it attempted to plaster as it's image and gameplay prior. The entire game was a fraud. A complete mix of utter stupidity, free models and failure. The designs and colors didn't mix, the game was misleading, the images were just as much so misleading, the creator is famehogging this absurd game with more than four million place visits and despite it's thousands of thumbs down (I'm at most one of them) and more than two-thousand people online, it is still played by the easily amused ROBLOX community.

The question isn't why is the ROBLOX community choosing this quality of game (In case you didn't know, the answer is: because kids are easily amused) the question is why isn't ROBLOX handling the misleading thumbnails? I'm fine with awful games on the 'front page' because those are the choices of the ROBLOX community. Despite the fact that I disrespect the "game" that they present, at least they aren't scared to actually show what the game is.

Then there are those unoriginal users.

I swear, the unoriginal users who use the misleading thumbnails should get a job in scamming. That's what they are to me and should be to you. People who's entire time on ROBLOX is made just to get "WELRD FAMOUSE!!!!" and somehow find a way to attract an easily amused audience, and particularly the hilarity for the simple fact that the name of the game is "RollerCoaster Minigames" and not "GAMERS MINIGAMES" (which (by the way is another misleading image from the game's thumbnails) continues to entertain and ensue.

The thing you should know: is that games by petty creators are undeserving of an audience and community notice. That's pretty much why you don't see them on the ROBLOX Development Journal and pretty much the only people that fall for it are the (sadly) young ROBLOX community that doesn't know the difference between EBR and jaredvaldez's work. It's not hard to tell the difference between something reasonable and something downright awful; if you at least are decent enough to have an eye for decent work and design.

However, ROBLOX's content, original?
Some of it.


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