Saturday, September 7, 2013

Interview with Iciness!

IcinessGreetings fellow readers hailing from the realm of ROBLOX! Today I bring you the first of a series of interviews based upon the Labor weekend sale and the ROBLOX catalog. Today, I caught up with prominent forumer and retexturer;: Iciness

1) What item were you most excited about before the sale commenced? 

2) Did this opinion change once the sale began and unannounced items were revealed? 
Not really, but the price was insane on the Teapot.

3) What would you say best discount, in terms of value for Robux?
Ro-torcycle, but it still wasn't that great.

4) What was your reaction to classics being marked up in price for the sale? 
Shocked really, I could understand them doubling or even tripling the original price of the teapot but 20k? to much. The Sword Prop really didn't bother me.

5) Which was your favourite Labor day user retexture? 
Black Iron Bucket.

6) What was your reaction to the price tag of the Black Iron Bucket? 
Well, I was shocked that it was below 20kR$ but I still would have purchased it even it was 25k.

7) Were you happy to see the revival of the two broken hats - the Leopard Fedora and the Lolzard? 
Well, yes and no as they shouldn't have made them non-Limited (because they were supposed to be limitedU's in the first place.

8) What is your overall opinion on the discounts that featured in last weekend's sale? Why? 
Not exactly amazing but they were fair.

9) What would you like to see in the next ROBLOX catalog sale? 
Well, I would like to see a retexture of mine published of course, haha! Maybe this

10) If you were to sum up the Labor weekend in a sentence, what would it be? 
Overall, pretty good but it was all and white?

Thanks for reading! Look out for more interviews this weekend!

Editor of Roblox News