Monday, September 16, 2013

The iPhone 5S and ROBLOX Mobile: How 64-Bit Mobile Gaming will change EVERYTHING.

It's a computer in your pocket.
A supercharged computer in your pocket, that is.

Apple's most recent announcement of the iPhone 5S and 5C should come as no shock to technology journalists (like myself) anywhere. The era of Apple's growth and maturity as an expanding and choice-filled brand is a genius product lineup. Not only a great idea for everyone who shows interests in a particular brand, but also a great way to have a "phone made for every kind of person there is."

Images courtesy of Apple.
Apple is no exception to that, with the most recent announcement of a killer industry first, 64-bit phone, the iPhone 5S. However, the question is not how people will use it, the question is when will they change everything in mobile gaming?

I think it's important to know before we start that this is an article for people that understand the concept of mobile gaming, operation of computers and more. If you aren't very knowledgeable on any of those things, I suggest you look up some information on 64-bit, 32-bit, the iOS software (iOS 7, particularly) and the iPhone 5S. Information can be found by clicking on any of those terms listed.

64-bit allows the world to grow. There is no cap to how much you can process, there is nothing too slow about 64-bit (maybe except a rubbish computer) but Apple begs to differ with the release of their new A7 and M7 chips for the iPhone 5S. This jump to processing power has changed the entire smartphone industry in one release and ROBLOX adapting this would be relevant to making their app potentially stronger than most 32-bit computers with only two or four gigabytes of RAM. There is no dotted line there at all; and having more resources to build games on is something that app developers and curators of games, medias, and more will need out of a phone.

The iPhone 5S appears to be that call to action; with a billion transistors, two times the general-purpose registers and two times the floating point registers. It sounds quite technical but is the peak of performance improvements. As I said, the 32-bit CPUs are limited to as much as four gigabytes of RAM. While that is not bad, 64-bit CPUs are open to addressing that limit (my computer has ten gigabytes of RAM, as it is a 64-bit desktop) and this makes for two times increase in performance. This means that cameras will focus faster, apps will load faster, safari will search and look faster, and libraries of data will as well. But what this means for ROBLOX is that they can finally run ROBLOX on a desktop-like CPU. The only difference being that this is a phone.

The potential for ROBLOX having this 64-bit architecture release could mean that ROBLOX could utilize even more RAM for it's game and reach a point where mobile gaming is essentially the same as desktop gaming except on a smaller device and this could mean possibilities are endless for the gaming company looking to make their games on mobile devices and that could mean anything can happen in a world looking for entertainment, creativity, and of course: a better phone.

~ Darwin12