Saturday, September 21, 2013

Place Showcase: Kestrels' New HomeStore

I thought, that as suggested by Arbirator, I should write a Place Showcase. Following this will be a interview with the creator of the new HomeStore, Chairman of the Board, Gidein. It will be all about his HomeStore and how he came to join Kestrel.

Gidein decided to make the new Kestrel HomeStore after MagicalBeakz, one of the Chief Operational Officer, retired. Magic was making a HomeStore although many people commented on how it's structure looked very similar to Tiger's. Gidein, on the other hand, decided to go his separate way and his 'Work in Progress' place is inspirational, detailed and highly skilled. I asked him what made him decide to build it like it is, and he told me,

"I just started this as fun thing, but I've gotten so much
much support I just kept building. The new style was just so epic and I can't stop!"

Gidein's HomeStore is unique. He is designing a place like you would see when going to a building created by a professional architecture. He has added 'Tix Clothing' in a smarter manner, many more pieces of women's wear, he may be adding bathing suits soon, and may also add underwear. In a few spots at his HomeStore, there are little, glass-shielded displays with a small sign and the Kestrel logo and name and Kestrel's motto: "Clothing at it's best".

There is now also a little room that is very obviously the 'Customer Service' room. In the current HomeStore and member of staff can enter and it isn't very well displayed, in Gidein's HomeStore it is very easy to see that it is Customer Service because if the wall behind the front desk, which says 'Customer Service'. On the back of that wall is a list of rules for all members of staff.

Womens-wear, women love it, men love it and it looks great. UhmSir is the Chief Design Officer for Kestrel, she handles all clothing worn by women, and all Designers that create women's clothing. If you want a piece of clothing custom made you should talk to her about it and she will either design it herself or get one of her skilled designers to design it. UhmSir isn't just a CDO, she is the CEO's Assistant, she manage Security and Senior Management and she helps every single person with the same kindness and honesty.

Visit the place yourself, just Click Here.
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