Sunday, September 29, 2013

.@Shedletky's Nuke the Whales Retexture Contest: Featured entries

With the Nuke the Whales retexture contest coming to a close tomorrow (You can still enter!!), we are going to show you some of the featured entries that were submitted.

Captain Nuke D' Whale: by rebellion666
This entry is rather clever. Everyone wants to where their prize of the kill, and now you can with this stylish captain's hat adorned with fish scales.

Nuke The Whale 2.0
Nuke The Whales 2.0 by Jakeup10
A toy whale stylized as ones you see in Nuke The Whales. Now you can nurture/nuke your own deep-sea friend/foe.

Shedletsky's Kryptonite
Shedletsky's Kryptonite by Sporeman15
This one is oddly amusing and confusing.
I mean, those whales, we all nuke them, but what if they could nuke us? I'm very sure they would do it in this fashion.
"Nuke the Whales"? More like "The Whale Nukes".

Chairman of the Whale Nuking Foundation

Chairman of the Whale Nuking Foundation by DarkGenex
What if we could see into the past, and witness this great foundation and business being formed, an alliance between men and other men in war mode against the great powers of evil that are, the whales. I'm very sure the chairman would be a bomb with a mustache.

Whale Nukebreather
Whale Nukebreather by Twintowers4u92
Well, of course we need some sort of protection from all that nuclear radiation that we use on those horrible whales.
This does all the protecting we need when hunting; saving lives on a day to day basis.

Whale Nuker
Whale Nuker by DarkGenex 
One of many entries by DarkGenex, and one of the only gear retextures entered. This rugged red, white and blue nuke launcher is a great ally when taking down whales continuously. Savin' yo' country... AMURICA!!!!

Shedletsky's Whaling Hat
Shedletsky's Whaling Hat by Sporeman15
Another great entry from spore. The hat name speaks for itself on this one.

The Nuked Whale
Nuked Whale by Phantomazing
If I wasn't a crazed whale Nuker, I might of taken pity on them, and this time it looks like someone did. Not all whales go to heaven though. (They're evil after all)

Still got an entry to submit? Send it to
Make sure you enter it before midnight tomorrow to be in with the chance to win 5000 r$ from the great whale Nuker himself; Shedletsky