Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ROBLOX Consumables: What are They?


After most of you read my latest post that sums up the future Halloween Event announced during Virtual BLOXcon, I'm guessing one question popped into your heads (well tons of questions but I'm only focusing on one:, what are consumables? Well, I am going to share my thoughts on what they are in this post.

During Virtual BLOXcon, David gave information that they were working on a new item type of catalog item: 'Consumables'. They are hopefully going to be used in the upcoming Halloween Event midway into October. Now, when you first hear "Consumables," you think "Oh okay, they're going to be items that I eat... like cookies."

After doing some thinking, I summed up that, sadly, Consumables will not be cookies. My old idea for consumables was pretty much any food item that you eat, but sadly, those are already in the Gear category. So, to REALLY think of what consumables are, I had to dig deep into my brain to come up with an answer. And I found one.

So with some thought, I realized something. Consumables will technically be items you "Consume," as in, use a limited number of times.
As you can see, using my inspect element skills, I made a page of what I believe consumables will look like. Notice, "Price: Use 5 Times 1 Tix." So, the limit on this item is 5, as in, you will be able to use this item 5 times, and then you will have to re-buy it.

Of course, this is just a plain old guess, as there is no confirmation as to what Consumables really are. Stay tuned on the ROBLOX Blog, and this Blog, as they will both talk about the Halloween Event and Consumables!


And yes. I was eating a cookie while writing this.