Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Place Showcase: [EBR] Stratosphere Settlement

Place Showcase: [EBR] Stratosphere Settlement
By: Elite Builders Of Robloxia

Today I will be showcasing Stratosphere Settlement. Now for starters, I know we all have seen at least one EBR entry or something along those lines but have you ever seen a EBR collaboration? Now guess what happens when you take a group of ROBLOX’s finest builders and stick them on one project? One word: Genuis.

Stratosphere Settlement is by far the best (in all caps) build server a human brain can process! The grunge,steampunk sky islands are beautifully built and every single component shines with glory! Old-fashioned starships roam the soft sunlight and small floating islands; with magnificent buildings gracefully towering the skies. The people of this land scattered around all over the islands, some simply walking over bridges to other islands and others pushing carts of what seems to be diamonds.

Trees, mushrooms and mythical plants reside in the floating earth. in the middle of the main islands stand 5 colored teleporters all of which teleport to different islands. I will go to all and explore the mythical secrets of Stratosphere Settlement!

Teleporter Yellow:
The yellow teleporter teleports you to a lonely, cold and snowy island. Two islands connected by a couple air suspended platforms each with a cabin make up this piece. An Excellently designed ice-pond with a drowning ROBLOXian (a member of EBR) and an old wheel rest next to the spawn.

Teleporter Purple:
Teleporter Purple leads to a long forest of pines with a peaceful creek leading behind. Following it leads to an old, dilpadated bridge with a starship anchored nearby it. Birds are suspended in mid-air lost in time and offer an strange eeriness to the scene. Mushrooms, crates, and a toy ship rest on this island.

Teleporter Blue:
Teleporter Blue transports you to a Pub with a English flag and a large starship anchored to the side. A sturdy and well-built bridge directs you to prestigious building filled with as many books as a Library may hold. The actual purpose of the building I'm not quite sure.

Teleporter Red:
Teleporter red teleports you to an alleyway of houses and a tall tower at the end. A bridge connects it with a larger village area with a Mine, Park and a building reminding me of the capital in Washington. Out of all the islands this one is surely the biggest. Only do you realize after that Teleporter Red teleports you to the end of the main island when you see the teleporters all over again!

Teleporter Orange:
Teleporter Orange teleports you to a vast cold land. A railroad track surrounds you and when you follow it to the end you find out hat the track just leaves right over the side of the island and breaks off! A tall and formidable tower stands at the end of the tracks so I walk over there to check it out. Inside is a long amount of spiraling stairs and I descend each one with mystery. When I reach the end the climb was truly worth it. A large cavern surrounded with jail cells span the entire cavern. Angry prisoners’ frozen in time grab bars, there is even what seems to be a torture device hanging a person while a dangerous foe chooses a variety of knifes laid out on a table for the job!

Building: Building was flawless and beautifully executed! The blocky style is classic and a nice addition to the game!-10/10
Scripting: The music and dynamic lighting is wonderful!-10/10
Creativity: Words cannot explain the creativity EBR had on this project.-10/10
Overall Score: 10/10!

This is the end of my first Place Showcase

and I hope you enjoyed it! I certainly did! Please give criticism,comments and more below.

Pleased to Present,