Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Nuke the Whales Retexture Contest (Sponsored by @Shedletsky)

It's time for another retexture contest. But not just any retexture contest. A sponsored one, by the one and only Shedletsky!

Shedletsky himself is providing a 5000 R$ prize for the winner of this contest.
The specifications for this contest, you ask? Simple

Make a retexture to represent, promote, support, etc. Shedletsky's game; Nuke the Whales.

You can your Nuke the Whales themed retexture by emailing it to by 9/30/13 and make sure to add your username to the email.

If you're struggling for ideas to start you off, try some of these:

  • Lord of the Whales
  • Radioactive Whale
  • Blubber Hat
  • Nuked Whale 

You are allowed to enter as many retextures as you like, but remember; it's quality, not quantity.

Remember to add a 'Nuke the Whales Retexture Contest' tag in your model description - it will help us find them easier!

Good luck from -
Arbirator and IBarrageI (and Shedletsky)