Monday, September 30, 2013

Gear Review: Super Tone Cape

Hello! Pbjms here. Usually, every Saturday or Sunday I write a "Gear Overview" post. Sadly, this Gear Friday only had one gear that came out. And it is a gear cape. It is actually one of few gears to be scripted by a regular user: Luckymaxer.

Super Tone Cape
"It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPER TONE! Use this sweet cape to fly and shoot lasers from your eyes - just like the real Tone."

Mesh: 9/10
There really isn't anything special to the mesh. It's a cape. Exactly how you'd picture a cape to look. A long piece of fabric that sticks out of the back of you. There really is nothing I can say about it, as it is just.. a cape. The designers could have made it a bit more exciting by adding like straps or something to hold onto your neck, so it doesn't look like a cape stuck to your back.

Texture: 9/10
The texture is the same as above, but with a giant T. It's a cape texture, red with shadows. In the middle is a Superman-like symbol with a giant T inside of it (for Tone). The use of shadows really gives it a folded feel, as makes it look quite nice, although there are quite too many shadows.
Price: 8/10
As usual, the price ruins most items. It is priced at 1,250 Robux, which is way too much for what it gives you (read Ability). It is nonlimited, and isn't timed, and I'm pretty sure there's already a few gears that give the same ability for a cheaper price.

Ability: 8/10
As I said above, the ability isn't great. You have the ability to free-fly around the map and shoot lasers from your eyes. Seems awesome, right? Why the 8/10, you may ask? Well, each laser only does about 25% damage. Which is about four hits for a kill, and because of the fact that the enemy would have to stay unmoving, and the fact that the reload time is too long, it is pretty useless. There are also other gears like this with an enhanced ability, but are cheaper. (Cough Cough, R-Orb).

Overall: 8.5/10

Overall, this cape really isn't that good. It's mesh is alright, it's texture is a bit overshadowed, the price is too expensive, and it's ability is too weak. Luckymaxer scripted this, but I believe the admins changed it to make it weaker, as I remember him showing me a demo of it blowing up tons of CPUs at once. Anyway, it's really not the best gear, and deserved a few other gears along with it (Gear Friday).

Anyway, that's a wrap. I hope I'll be reviewing some Halloween Gears next week, or maybe even some gifts.