Monday, September 9, 2013

Interview with llumia!

Last week I caught up with the active ATR forumer: llumia and asked him about his opinion on the Labor Day Weekend Sale in our second themed interview. Check out the interview below! 

1) What item were you most excited about going limited?

2) After the set amount of items were made limited, did your opinion remain the same? Why?
It remained the same.  I got got really excited about Hatbot, but when I saw it drop in value - I was disappointed.  

3) In your opinion, what was the best limited item? 

4) What was your reaction to the Teapot's price tag? Why? 
I was a bit mad at ROBLOX because It was overpriced, and basically 90% of ROBLOX couldn't afford it. But I also agree that it was meant to stay rare, but if ROBLOX doesn't want a rare item to sell, they should never put it on sale in the first place.

5) Which was your favourite Labor day user retexture? Why?

I really like the fedora, because I like leopards, they are my favourite animals. But I didn't really like the bucket because the retexture wasn't as good as all the other retextured hats that went on sale.

6) What was your reaction when you found out which items would be going back on sale? Why?
I was excited for the Teapot, and Katana of the Ninth Moon. But when I found out they were overpriced, I lost interest

7) Which was your favourite leopard fedora? 
The original one 

8) What is your overall opinion on the items that were put back on sale?
Wasn't really as good as last year; I feel that ROBLOX could've done better.

9) What would you like to see in the next ROBLOX catalog sale? 
I would like to see: paper bag, or frenemy.

10) If you were to sum up the Labor weekend sale in one word, what would it be? 

Thanks for reading! Look out for more interviews this week! 

Editor of Roblox News