Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Which Interns Made it as Permanent Staff?

Throughout the last month, as many of you know, Roblox News has been running a summer internship programme. The programme was highly successful in building skill-sets for our interns and providing them with much needed experience in the world of game journalism. Mentors and interns alike learnt from the experience, developing their team working skills and their ability to communicate well to both their target audience and members of staff. From intern feedback, and the sheer quality of articles produced, we have deduced that the interns thoroughly enjoyed their experience here at RN. For this reason we will be certainly continuing the programme next year!

So without further ado, it's time to present the newest permanent additions to the Roblox News blog team!

bennyhill44 will be working as a Site here at RN, producing ome place reviews, spotlights, and showcases on all the latest and greatest ROBLOX user generated content and ROBLOX groups. He will be joining our veteran team helping to contribute the articles you know and love. 


Darwin12 will be working as a Site Journalist specialising in articles discussing site news, ROBLOX developers and groups. Occasionally he will publish articles showcasing ROBLOX places displaying excellence in building and scripting too! So look out for a whole host of different articles from the talented Darwin12!


DDude9091 produced excellent, detailed place reviews during his summer internship, impressing me greatly. His talent in blogging will be captivated in his role as Game Journalist here on Roblox News. DDude9091 will be looking for the highest quality ROBLOX games to review, week in, week out. 


Elvinusa will also be working as a Game Journalist on Roblox News - focussing on producing detailed break-downs and reviews of the most popular ROBLOX games, revealing what really makes the games tick. Elvinusa joins our esteemed team of place reviewers!


Finally we have the elusive Robloxer032 who may have not produced a large quantity of articless, but produced them to a very high standard. Robloxer is a welcome addition to our Game Journalist department and will be working with Evilnusa and other esteemed reviewer to bring you the best user generated content ROBLOX has to offer. 

So there we have it: our five new permanent staff members at RN. Give the new team a warm welcome in the comments section below!

Thanks for reading!

Editor of Roblox News