Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Kestrel: What You See and What you Don't.

To all readers: prior to reading this, there is a clear position of bias in this article from a variety of standpoints that include working at Kestrel for three weeks, working with the high ranks, and also seeing the functionality of ROBLOX's "most beloved" company. What you read is simply an opinion from all my points in Kestrel and this all should be taken literally.

Kestrel. ROBLOX's biggest company. You may describe it as overpriced, unreasonable; or you may be rational enough (or maybe just a BCer who has money to spend) to say it's genius, quality, and great.
In reality; Kestrel is the center point of ROBLOX's (so-called) "Clothing Industry" that owners of such groups like Kestrel, Tiger as well as other minor companies like Kiwi paint themselves as members of.

I'm going to start by stating a thing as I already did; I had the privilege of working at Kestrel for two weeks. The new owner, ojo1234 was a friend of mine, you see. The company idea is great. What is 'essential' to ROBLOX is a spirit of individuality and there would be one if anyone could make their own clothes. The only issue with Kestrel is that everyone loves it and they buy the same clothes as you do. People entering "ROBLOX government places" will find that Kestrel is a common theme there. Kestrel suits, Kestrel tees, and so much more.

When you look at Kestrel, you should see some state of originality and creativity. A sort of expression that is unprecedented by other clothing companies. The feeling you get when you step into a Kestrel store is different than stepping into a store owned by Kiwi, Tiger or Crown. It's a feeling almost hardly tangible, but is a moment you remember. It's the feeling of experience. When you enter any Kestrel store in the ROBLOX Universe, it's too easy to say the feeling of experience is present.

Kestrel is what I see as a literal market leader. It's basically the Abercrombie & Fitch of ROBLOX; the only difference is that it's virtual clothes instead of real clothes. 

Hardly a lie, as Kestrel's previous owner, FighterAce had served the demand of thousands of roaring fans for a great majority of it's history. Making hundreds of thousands of ROBUX. Many people have the audacity to charge Kestrel with the idea that it is "too expensive" or "really bad" for the simple fact that suits (and their clothes in general) at Kestrel cost completely reasonable prices (a virtual suit for the price of about 15 cents if you converted ROBUX... expensive? ha.) 

To many people; Kestrel is a (so-called) waste of money.
Despite my differences and interests with the company; I still see reason, genius and great work. Calling Kestrel unoriginal? Look at a variety of clothes presented by the ROBLOX market (not going to list specifics) and think again. 

So when I say I'm nothing more than a consumer of Kestrel's products; I'm implying that I am a supporter of originality, growth, and great work for a great price.

- Darwin12