Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ROBLOX Changes: Minimum Prices

Hello, I have written this because there have been numerous complaints, forums and comments on the clothing itself about the new 'Minimum Prices' on clothing. I support getting rid of this new update and will be talking about it here.

NBC's Problem:

People with no Builders Club could only narrowly afford to buy some people's ridiculous prices as it was, the new changes make that even more ridiculous. 10 Robux is roughly 110 tix  which means 11 days worth of saving, if the t-shirt is Robux only. If the t-shirt is tix only then you have to save 12 days worth. If the t-shirt is both, you have to decide if you will use tix (which you get every day) or Robux (which sometimes costs more tix sometimes less - 100 tix can be 10 Robux but so can 110 tix). Plus shirts are 25 robux (270 tix) or 300 tix and ditto with Pants. That's between 27 days and 30 days saving for a Shirt and then another 27/30 days for Pants.

Uniform Problem:

Same as the above problem except if you don't buy the uniform you may end up being exiled, especially when there is suddenly a new uniform. To make matters worse, for most groups you must buy a Shirt and Pants for 300 tix each Not much else to say in this point of view except that you always see those few in group training's, they look new so could barely afford clothing anyway but they always say this when asked why they aren't wearing the uniform = "I can't buy the uniform, it's too much". To this, most High Ranks in groups go on to say, "Buy it for tomorrow", most likely if they don't have enough today they won't have enough tomorrow because of the increased prices.

Reasoning behind it:

Quote from their blog post on it all, 'Talented artists aren't making a ton of clothing because they can’t make money doing it.' 
If people want to make money they will sell their clothing at the price they choose, many people sell clothing for cheap for the buys not for the money, anyway. They say they have 3 main reasons behind it all, I will go through them all.
1. Raise the quality of items in the catalog.
Insane. People who can make good clothing, do because they like making clothing and normally they sell the clothing anyway, it won't raise the standards because if people make bad quality items it's not because they don't want to waste their time for no money but because that's the highest quality they can make clothing. Kestrel and Tiger prove this, expensive items but for great quality, people with bad quality items sell stuff for reasonable prices usually and if they don't then people don't buy their clothing.
2. Reward makers and sellers of clothing.
It doesn't reward them in the slightest, they have control over what prices they put the clothing, if it is good quality people buy it whatever the price (Unless it is insanely stupid). NBCs make good clothing too, but now not only can they not sell anything but they can't buy anything too.
3. To incentivize non-paying users to buy ROBUX.
Greedy, I want to work for Roblox when I get older, but not for the money but because they are all kind and they have good working days. If they want people to buy BC they make good reasons, all this will do is make people angry at Roblox and make them choose against BC and choose to Protest and hold Petitions.

Things to do:

I agree, it is extremely bad, but some of the complaints are getting offensive - so please tone down those. Every 5 people wanting it, it seems there are roughly 1000 hating it. Not exaggerating, just look on the forums.

If they want to do a major change, it should be how much tix NBCs get a day, or if they should get 160 per week (Example). Just not this. This means the end of most businesses whether they may groups or people.

This isn't in my opinion, it's everybody's.