Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Tree that brings Life to Roblox

The Tree of Life at it's peak in beauty
When I first stepped onto the game that truly identified to me the reason why ROBLOX is the way it is, I was shocked into disbelief. Ravenshield has made three amazing places, but I feel that his latest project; “Tree of Life” is his best piece. Every part of it is detailed in such a way it looks lifelike. It is the perfect structure, with it’s rippling waves and falling leaves. It is a simplistic idea, but one of beauty.

If all ROBLOX games were` like the Tree of Life in the detail perspective then Roblox would rise from a child’s game into a professional game designing program.

 If I could, I would state my favorite part of the Tree of Life, but it’s simplistic beauty just overrides basic structures. I can honestly say, from seeing Ravenshield's place, I can see life through a new perspective, details to perfection. The way the water lowers and rises is just like those rare occasions where you see the wind blowing against the lake, where it isn't rushed or barely moving, but in fact, calm.

 It is built like rocks in the sea, rising higher, all the way up to the top where there is the Tree of Life. It’s leaves are slowly falling to the ground below, with the grace of swans and the glide of eagles. The trunk and branches are probably the most lifelike parts, with the roughness of it all just like the bark of a tree. The rocks too, are all extremely detailed with their rough edges and how they are all joint on together like they have been rushed, just like you see on cliff faces.
Tree of Life - Side View

 There is a dark solid wall all the way around the tree except the very top, where a dim yellow light shines down, all the way around the Tree of Life just like clouds are surrounding this delicate island, but the sun’s rays are just breaking through, onto the most delicate piece of it all.

 What I believe to be magical in a strange sense, are small white balls of light, gently, slowly floating around the edges of the Tree and through the leaves floating softly to the ground. Almost like fairies, shimmering around the Tree that brings everyone closer.

  See the beauty, here.