Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review: PropHunt V2.40 by CloneTrooper1019

I swear this is probably the 4th or 5th source mod ROBLOX demake game I have reviewed.. Anywho, CloneTrooper1019's old game PropHunt has shot back up onto the front page, probably due to him announcing a sequel that will be made whenever that happens. Onto the review!


PropHunt has 3 big things to know about it, which aren't that all hard to grasp;

  • There are two teams, the Props and Pyros
  • The goal of the Pyros is to find and kill all of the props on the map, and to accomplish this are armed with "flamethrowers" (which are just retextured paintball guns but oh well) that they will use to inspect for players disguised as props.
  • The players chosen as props will have to make themselves blend in with the environments by choosing the correct prop and positioning themselves wisely for if they fail to do so, they will be lit on fire and run around panicking as they slowly burn to death and nothing but ashes are left.

Besides that, the game isn't really complicated from the TF2 version, I know the Prophunt "mod" originated from Garry's Mod but I've only played the TF2 version so I can't say much in the way of the differences from there. The main change from this version I can see though is you're actually able to pick your prop which is nice, but the predictability from the small(ish) amount of maps doesn't help since you can just pick whatever prop is most effective and maybe not get caught but the luck is all in if they pick the very spot, which adds to the fun and frantic nature of the game.

Ramblings aside, the last remaining prop will have to option to use a pistol but it's quite likely they will not even bother to use it since all of the Pyros have gone into "burn everything in sight" mode trying to frantically find that last prop as the clock ticks away. So yes, giving the pistol to the last remaining prop seems a bit pointless but then again the last remaining prop in the TF2 version of Prop Hunt is able to run around and shoot since props in that are basically reskinned scouts. Another thing too, most of the props have proper collision with objects, so that's something to keep in mind if you're trying to run away from a group of merciless Pyros.

A big tip I can give you especially if you are a tree, line your studs up correctly, as this will improve your survivability chance quite a bit, since you won't be able to be as easily distinguished as an imposter among the other trees, but people will still burn everything in sight so it's not exactly that much. The last things to mention are the shop, which have upgrades for your Flamethrower and prop speed, each ranging from 50 - 200 points each, flamethrower upgrades are noticeable by the color of it after purchasing one of the upgrades, Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow in order I'm sure. Prop speed isn't really useful to be honest, since the spread on the flamethrower is quite iffy at times and the problem is Pyros can easily gang up on you due to design on most of the maps.


Most of the 8 maps are pretty basically built, one of them just a recycled version of Telamon's classic Haunted Hill, the only two I can think of that really took time were the Wild West map, and the other one with the freight ship and all the pipes, planks, etc. The game does have Dynamic Lighting, but really only properly utilizes it on the Haunted Hills map.

But by far the map with the biggest glaring design flaws is the "Pyroland" one, since the lollipop prop's model somehow allows for Props to get onto areas not intended for them to get up to, as demonstrated by this screenshot. Sure things like this happen in the regular Prop hunt but that's to be expected since they can double jump (again TF2 prop hunt "props" are reskinned scouts). I have received confirmation from CloneTrooper that this will not be fixed unfortunately, and said to just wait for Prophunt 2. I mean this isn't really a gamebreaking bug, more of just an annoying inconvenience for those playing as Pyros.


Not really a creative concept per say, but I like the idea of a Prophunt game on ROBLOX.


In a nutshell, the weakest part of Prophunt by far is the map design, but I have no doubt that CloneTrooper is working to improve this and I eagerly await the changes to come in the "sequel" to this source mod inspired game.

As far as suggestions go for the sequel.;

  • Make the Pyros lose health when they use their flamethrower, just like the real prophunt, although players will get frustrated it would be nice to see more strategic gameplay.
  • Add a hat shop or something like in The Stalker, the present upgrades in the "shop" in Prophunt are a bit lackluster and not that useful.
  • Utilize the Dynamic Lighting, which I would really love to see actually used correctly. (dark maps anyone)?
  • Map design, take some inspiration from the TF2 custom maps or just have people playtest them and give feedback before they're added to the actual game.
  • Add a spectate function.

As long as these are fulfilled, I'll be pretty much satisfied with Prophunt 2, if you want to make a map for use in Prophunt 2, use this one for inspiration and PM it to CloneTrooper;

Besides that, I'm pretty much out of things to say about Prophunt, weekly articles seem to be the norm for now so expect them usually on the weekends.