Thursday, September 5, 2013

Space Knights: Overall Presentation

So here I am, writing another article. Me and another Writer were both going to write about the new game, Space Knights. I have decided just to write about the presentation after some thought. So below is a very thorough and maybe even boring article on the presentation of the new game, Space Knights by RaceToTheBottom.


The presentation is fantastic! The suits you wear are detailed but not obviously, it looks like he put some effort into making the suits but didn't try and make them hi-tech. The colors on the suit are, a light blue (which looks kind of turquoisy), dark grey and light grey, looks like a real space suit for the future. Your body parts are dark grey, the armor is light grey and the mask and extra bits are light blue. Then you have the weapons, wow...4 melee weapons and 4 ranged weapons, unlockable by getting to the next level up.

Melee Weapons:
Me with Sword and Shield

The first melee weapon is what looks like a hatchet or a axe, grey handle, black ends and blue blade. The second is a long sword, same as before, grey handle, black ends and rim of the sword is light blue. Both the third and fourth melee weapons are the first and second with a shield. the shield is just 2 pieces of black and 2 pieces of grey made into 1 shield shape.

The first melee weapon is the one you start out with, the axe and you gain the second weapon, the sword by getting 1000xp to move onto level 2. To get from the sword to the axe and shield you must get 1500xp to become level 3 and to get from the axe and shield to the sword and shield you must get 2500xp to get to level 4.

Ranged Weapons:

The ranged weapons are even more detailed than the melee, the first is a longbow with grey handles, black ends and a blue string with blue arrows, the second is a laser gun with a black handle and grey ends and blue lasers, the third is a crossbow with black handles, grey ends and light blue strings and arrows, the fourth is the problem. The fourth is a rocket launcher with 4 square holes for the explosive sticky arrows, but you only fire 1 at a time not 4. I think he shouldn't have that because I found it misleading and a pretty useless gun because the arrows are slow moving and slower still to explode.

The first ranged weapon is the one you start out with, the longbow and you gain the second, the gun by getting 1000xp to move onto level 2. To get from the gun to the crossbow you must get 1500xp to become level 3 and to get from the crossbow to the rocket launcher you must get 2500xp to get to level 4.


The building side of it all, was probably my favorite bit because I could build what I wanted and then rebuild it when I got attacked. it makes the game kind of like a mix between 'Plants vs Zombies' and all those 'Survive' games on Roblox. You have to kill monsters to stop them destroying the core while still building to keep them away from you and the core. The only downside is you only get 100 blocks but then you can go off and back on the 'Build' tool, which seems a bit pointless. You should either have unlimited blocks or have 100 for each life you get.


A guy with laser gun attacked by orange monster
The monster are good with their moving and all but they don't look very detailed, I know you need the scripts for their movement but their faces are a bit dull and they are all box shape, would be cool to have maybe cloud shaped for the light blue ones, bull shaped for the angry massive ones, snail shaped for the orange ones, bomb shaped for the purple ones and zombie shaped for the green ones. I mean, that may be impossible to make and I doubt everyone agrees with those ideas but box shapes for all of them is dull. Another annoyance is if you are fighting with your melee weapon and in front of you are a load of monsters, your instinct tells you to attack; if there is a purple one mixed with the green and orange ones, the second you kill it, it explodes killing you but no monsters so leaving them to attack with no force against them. Tone down the explosion else it gets annoying.

Overall Presentation:

I enjoy it despite the annoyances and for anyone playing who is Level 4, I recommend the 'Sword and Shield' as your melee and the 'Laser Gun' as your ranged. Also I didn't write the real names of the monsters because I am sure many people would have no clue which I was talking about. I spent an enjoyable hour or so of my time on Roblox today playing Space Knights and I am now Level 4.

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