Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Interview with HappyRocketwheel

Today I bring you the third Labor Day Weekend Sale themed interview! In this interview, HappyRocketwheel and I  discussed his opinions on the various items that were released over the weekend. 

1) What item were you most excited about before the sale commenced? Why?
Iron Bucket of Ultimate Pwnage because it was like the original Doom Bucket MrDoomBringer wears.

2) Did this opinion change once the sale began and unannounced items were revealed? 
Well no, the Teapot has been overpriced costing a higher amount of Robux.

3) In your opinion, what was the best limited item? 
I should say, Bluesteel Domino Crown was the best limited.

4) What was your reaction to classics being marked up in price for the sale? 
The classics were WAY overpriced. I estimate only 30% of people could have bought it. My reaction was already to go to be the first 2013 buyer, but I ended up spending a lot of Robux.

5) Which was your favourite Labor day user retexture? Why?
The Iron Doom Bucket of Pwnage is pretty cool! I like it because it is a retexture of hard working and a rare retexture of the hat that MrDoomBringer wears or the other Doom Bucket, for example: The Agonizingly Ugly Bucket of Doom.

6) What was your reaction when you found out which items would be going back on sale? Why?
Pretty much, some of these items are REAL classics from 07, my reaction was that I was going to click all of them, but then suddenly I saw all my favorite dream items. 

7) Which was your favourite leopard fedora? 
Snow Leopard Fedora because it is much much snow and shiny a bit.

8) What is your overall opinion on the discounts that featured in last weekend's sale? Why? 
I should say, my opinion is that it is very suprising to see the items to be discounted from the sale.

9) What would you like to see in the next ROBLOX catalog sale? 
Well, in November, there should be another Black Friday Sale, so I am saving up over a lot for that, and also a special retexture of another voidstar: Blue & Steel Void. 

10) If you were to sum up the Labor weekend sale in one word, what would it be?
Obviously pretty surprising, and black and white.

Thanks for reading!

Editor of Roblox News