Friday, September 13, 2013

Finite - As time goes on...

Hi guys. As I am now starting my GCSEs (UK: 15-16yr exams) I can write less articles. Every night I will get pictures ready and get quotes and all, and on the weekends I will put it all together and will have 1-5 articles ready to be published. So, I am going to talk about a new game, Finite.

At first, when it was on the front page of games, it was good. It had 12 squares - all even - with a giant cookie in the middle. You could take from your cookie and everything was fine. Yet as Quenty updated it, it became a struggle to keep getting over the new changes.

To start with, you were basically defending your base from other people. They could destroy your cookie givers (e.g. 'Noob Clickers') or steal your cookies. That's how the game was known.

 Quenty updated it at sometime or another, and one morning I got on and suddenly I had this clear, white shield surrounding my base. It was like 'What?' and I saw a lot of people complaining on the games I played after that. The reason it was annoying was because it totally ruined the whole effect of "Steal each others cookies" because with a shield up it is impossible to break in.

It went downhill from there, though, as short while after that suddenly the shield wasn't clear or white, but bogey green. Now Quenty had ruined the visible effect as well as the stealing effect. Now your square was shadowed in most parts by the looming darkness that was known as the shield. I think, personally, the thing that was worst about the shields was that if you turned the shield off, when you put it back up you had to pay for it. It wasn't like 1000 cookies each time but was actually half your cookies, whatever amount you had. At one point, I had about 70 million cookies, I put my shield down but a couple of guys started destroying my stuff so I paid to have it back up. A bit later on I realized I was on 35 million or so cookies and I started to rage at people about how I lost it all and it hit me, I lost half from putting my shield up.

The last update Quenty has done on the shield itself is that there is now a timer, 10 minutes for when you first join and 5 minutes each time you put your shield up.

It isn't just the shield that wrecks play. Quenty hasn't put up any anti-exploit scripts so you see all these people with '1.#INF' Cookies. I asked a number of them where they got them from - admittedly it would be cool but also a bit dull - and one of them said it was a glitch, a couple said admins gave it to them, most said it was a secret and one said it was a private hack. From my guess it is using a exploit system (Which won't be named here for those of you wanting to try it out).

Lastly, glitches. There's only 1 major glitch I know of and that's the 'Placement Glitch' I think I will call it.It's where you press down where you are going to place something on your baseplate and just before you fully press down you quickly move your pointer to a different location, in doing so that is where your cookie giver is placed. I mean it can be useful, say you stack up your cookie givers and then delete the bottom ones, you can protect all your cookie givers and only have to protect your place against cookie stealers. It can also be useless, like those times the person right next to you places his items on your baseplate, and even worse when they are killing items that only the owner of them won't get hurt by touching them or at the worst possible outcome, they place a killing item on your spawn and then kill you.

I did love Finite, and I do still play it a lot but above is all the updates that ruined it for most users. You should try it out, it's like Marmite - you hate it or love it.

To try out Finite, Click here.
To view Quenty's profile, Click here.