Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stormy Neighbourhood by Pokemaster73

Stormy Neighbourhood is a small houe which even despite it's current size, is a great place  to visit. I'm sure Pokemaster will soon update this place but even with the 2 houses that are currently present and a tree it still looks simple, yet fantastic. The use of dynamic lighting also is effective in this place which brings out the houses a little. The place currently has 814 visits and 77 favourites and seems to have positive reviews in the comments.

As it is called 'Stormy Neighbourhood', the use of rain is also in the place. Created by Asimo3089 but edited by Oozlebackr, the rain script is a key piece in the jigsaw that makes this game what it is. It adds an amazing effect to the atmosphere, not to mention the rain sounds in the game immersing you in the surroundings. 


Edited by Arbirator.