Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ROBLOX Gear Suggestions!

Lots of people always post that they have ideas for new gears on ROBLOX Forums. With Newtrat talking about Bacon Daggers, I thought I should join in on the action. They never get noticed on the Forums, so I decided every few days I would make an article featuring some gears ideas people have concocted. Sometimes I will ask people to make the gear so you can see what it would look like.

Some of the gears I thought of include:

  • Rotten Egg Bomb
  • French Toast Bow + Butter Arrows
  • Throwing Eggs
  • Yogurt Pot Cannon
  • Slippy Bacon

Below are the descriptions of my suggestions. If anyone can make a model of any of them, I'd be happy to support the best looking one in an attempt to get them published.

Rotten Egg Bomb:

What would it look like?
 A small bag, similar to the ROBLOX Grab Bag gear, but instead the text would read 'Rotten Eggs'. It would be a mouldy green colour.

What would it do? You would throw it on the ground like the bombs you see in Roblox Battle, up above your head and flung in the direction you are facing. It would then land and explode, causing 20 rotten eggs to fly out in all directions, hitting and sticking against anything nearby. If it hit someone else, their health would slowly decrease, -2HP every 5 seconds for 25 seconds (-10HP). That is PER piece that hits, so two pieces would cause -20HP. It takes 30 seconds to reload.

How much would it cost? 75R$ because it has the potential damage if enough pieces hit but not too expensive because it takes a long time to reload and you have to

French Toast Bow + Butter Arrows:

What would it look like?
It would be like a triangle shaped bow, except there would be no string for the arrows to be fired. Like a food version of the Trilaser Bow it would be a piece of French toast and on your back would be a bucket with melted butter.

What would it do? Each time you reloaded, you would scoop up butter from the bucket on your back, you would then place it on the French toast bow and the butter would shoot of in the direction your are facing 5 seconds after you placed the butter. It would splatter on the person's body and would take 15 health from them. After 12 scoops you would get a new bucket from nowhere and put that on your back in replacement. The reload time would be 8 seconds.

How much would it cost? 135R$ because it has a fast reload time, so a user would be shooting almost continuously and causing 15 health points of damage to their opponent with each direct hit.

Throwing Eggs:

What would it look like?
A circle version of the Ninja Star. It would be white with a yellow dot in the middle for the yolk. Basically, eggs that you throw.

What would it do? You would hold it up like you hold a Ninja Star, and you have 3 hits one after the other, so you click once and 3 eggs come flying out your hand. Then to reload you would take more eggs out of thin air and hold your arm up again, ready to throw. Each direct hit would take 8 health from you, so if all 3 eggs hit you would lose 24 health. The reload time would be 10 seconds.

How much would it cost? 45R$ because it wouldn't be very strong and the reload time would be quite slow, but it would still deal out deadly damage after a number of throws.

Yogurt Pot Cannon:

What would it look like?
 a cannon similar to the Hand Cannon, except instead of firing cannon balls, it would fire pots filled with delicious Yogurt. If this was published there could be different types such as: Strawberry Yogurt and Honey Yogurt in which case the cannon itself would be different colors, but for now the cannon would be a pale cream color.

What would it would do?  A circle yogurt pot would come flying out in the direction you clicked and would land upside down on the ground. If it hit someone else it would land on their head and the yogurt would seep down their body. Every direct hit, you would lose 40 health. The reloading time would be 20 seconds.

How much would it cost? 300R$ because it would do lots of damage but would take a while to reload.

Slippy Bacon:

What would it look like?
A piece of bacon, in four strips similar to the Banana Peel, but all greasy and fatty.

What it would do? It would be thrown in the direction you are facing and anyone who walked across it would slip over causing them to lose 20 health. It would stay for only the one slip and would then disappear. The person who slipped would be stunned for 5 seconds as well as losing the 20 health. They don't lose their gears while stunned though, even if they equip them. The reloading time would be 5 seconds.

How much would it cost? 80R$ because it does a reasonable amount of damage and reloads quickly, also they get stunned so you could try and kill them.

These are all my original ideas, but in my next 'Ideas for Gears' article I hope to be writing about other people's ideas. If these ever did get published I would be extremely happy!