Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Group Spotlight: Kestrel

Hello Viewers! I have been working in Kestrel over the past few days, finding good things to say in my article on them as a whole, and my, I have a lot of good things. They have been friendly, generous and welcoming. Now onto the main stuff, Clothing, the HomeStore and the Kestrel group.

A relaxing day at the beach
The HomeStore is well known for it's detailed creations we know as clothing. It is large, three floors in fact, and each one is perfect. The first two are clothing, and the top floor is a disco room. On the first floor the have clothing ranging from polo shirts to full Suits. They even have a Tix section, with 5 t-shirts to choose from. The second floor is sort of like the 'Extra clothing' floor. It has Robes, Vests, Patriotic Items, Sports wear and many more! A door leads into a small room, on the second floor, this room is filled with comfy couches. and spotlights, there are 2 TVs and a security camera as well as a man selling 'Kestoda', 'Coke' and 'Pepsi'. The third floor, is really just lots of multicolored lights and a main light in the very center. It's not just the HomeStore itself that is magnificent, all around it are large brown cliffs, and there is a break away down to a beach. The beach has all you need, beach chairs and umbrellas, sand and water. In the gears selling at the HomeStore there is a 'Deluxe Beach Ball' gear, for anyone wanting some fun on the beach. The newest part of Kestrel HomeStore is the 'Zebalia' station, filled with 8 different alien outfits. There is also 5 hats for sale, hanging on pegs by one of the 4 entrances.

The clothing created at Kestrel is exquisite, divine and intricately detailed. Each piece has the 'Kestrel' pin on, so recognizable by all Robloxians. Every piece in the Kestrel HomeStore was created by one of their Designers, there are too many to state them all but here are some of them: ElikstarThegreatpufferRage009Mcbob31Diglet8. Also Kestrel's three Chief Design Officers,
Kestrel clothing isn't limited to just the Kestrel HomeStore though, the Designers sell their clothing the group store plus they have stores and shops all around Roblox, the two most popular places include Cooldude215's group place, [UK] City of London, United Kingdom and Juliane14's group place, [ITA] City of Rome, Italy. I mentioned both those places because Kestrel wanted to thank them for being the first two places to set up a store for Kestrel.

The group of Kestrel is well known, it is the most successful clothing group in all of Roblox and the 2nd largest on Roblox. The largest clothing group is known as Tiger, which slowly scraped past Kestrel although it was made after. Kestrel was founded by FighterAce who then moved on and Kestrels ownership was handed over to XT0NISH who sadly quit Roblox only recently. Kestrel is now owned by Ojo1234 who is doing Kestrel a world of good and has made them more successful than they have ever been. He doesn't run Kestrel alone though, Magicalbeakz and EBear917 help him lots along the way. In fact, I actually interviewed EBear about Kestrel as a whole and he gave me this magnificent paragraph which I will post below,
“I could use so many positive words to explain Kestrel. I could without a doubt explain us as professional, welcoming, and caring. We truly model a realistic business. We strive to improve ourselves and our employee’s every day in hopes that it improves the customer experience. I, as well as many others, can truly say that Kestrel is an awe-inspiring business. I recommend, to all who have the chance to join Kestrel, to do your best to take advantage and enjoy your time with us.”
Beautiful. How he has stated their wonder, all the emotions he feels towards Kestrel and how he hopes so many more will share those emotions with him.

Hope you enjoyed this article!

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