Friday, September 27, 2013

All There is to Know for Halloween 2013

(Note: I doubt a pumpkin like above will come out, it's just a recolor I made for this post.)

     Hello readers, chubbs21 here! Today I will be writing some educated predictions on how this years Halloween will be! I will cover the Gifts, Items, and Super Secret Halloween Event.

     For the past two years ROBLOX has made 13 gifts for Halloween, starting in early October. The last gift is usually the "Big Gift" costing 31,000R$. In 2011, the big gift was Dominus Messor, and in 2012 it was Dominus Vespertilio. Who knows what it will be this year! For this year, I predict the usual with these gifts: a few affordable gifts, BC/TBC/OBC only gifts, and the big gift. We may be seeing a Domino Crown this year!

     Like any holiday, ROBLOX makes some unique halloween items! Last year they started to make them in late September so we can expect to see some soon! These may include hats of all kinds of Halloween Themes, cool spooky gear, and even some packages! Like usual lots of items from previous Halloweens will go back sale or even limited!

Super Secret Halloween Event:
     In 2009 and 2011 there were Halloween events for users to play in. In 2009 there was a Treasure Hunt and a Paintball Fight event where you could win actual prizes! In 2011, there was only a Paintball event but with more prizes. In Virtual BLOXCon 2013, chiefjustice announced a Halloween event likely to come out very soon. Their goal is to beat the whopping 20,000 users playing at once record they had with the 2013 Egg Hunt. Although it is unknown, the event might be a treasure hunt! The map is said to be the largest map they have built yet. The game will include cute little characters which are actually Mods and Admins in their Halloween Costumes! Here is a picture of them:

     That's about all we know about Halloween so far so stay tuned throughout the month of October for updates on all these things! Thanks for reading!