Monday, September 2, 2013

Group Spotlight: Virtual Builders

Hi guys! Thought I may do a Group Review this time. I decided to do this article for viewers of Arbirator's Roblox News. Some viewers are probably looking for groups best suited to them, so I am writing these articles so they see the details of the group before actually joining. It also helps groups who cannot get members because no-one will give them a shot because they are new and small. Here, it doesn't matter, if you like the sound of the group I have reviewed just click the link to it at the bottom.

Until Monday 26th August, Virtual Builders was always known as Magic Builders. They are two separate groups but Magic Builders was the main until now. I am sure many people have heard of Magic Builders and of their recent forum post from their CEO, Magicalbeakz. He wrote about how most people in MB were inactive and uninterested in building so they decided to start afresh in a whole new group for only the active members to join and many more who want to join, that is where Virtual Builders come in.
 I interviewed Magicalbeakz myself and he said, and I quote, "As a whole, our executive team decided moving to a new corporation, with a fresh image, name, logo and projects would greater benefit our corporation and executive team."

A inside view of RS Atlantic
Since moving to Virtual Builders, they have started work on some magnificent places. The CEO himself has created this wonderful place, Research Station Atlantic which is his main project. As it says in the description of this wonder, it is for Virtual Builders to test weapons, research aquatic life, create robotics and learn engineering. Truly a wonder for everyone. It is still a Work in Progress but I think it is coming along great. 

It isn't just the CEO who is creating magnificent pieces though, take Warcrushx for example. He was just a ordinary member, until he created places like The Catacombs and VB Horizon and my personal favorite, Pantheon.
Inside view of the house in Catacombs
Those projects gave him the rank of 'Innovation Team' so he is known for his skills through all of Virtual Builders and Magic Builders. He is now going to be building fantastic things for VB in time to come. As a little tip if you enter the Catacombs, climb up the side grater and you will be teleported to a snowy semi-circle and there will be a house.

Not much else to say about Virtual Builders, except that for anyone wanting to join, VB is filled with builders and scientists alike trying to build and script the best places they can using teamwork and kindness to get there. They are working together to design and create new technological creations. They are working together to reach past the boundaries of science and space in the hope of finding bigger better scripts to run Roblox for future times.

Magic Builders is closed now, no-one else can join so please don't try.
If you want to join Virtual Builders, Click here
If you want to visit CEO Magicalbeakz's profile, Click here
If you want to visit Warcrushx's profile, Click here

Just think about it, the next group spotlight will be about a small war group!