Thursday, October 3, 2013

Place Creator Interview: Little Big Garden

Little Big Garden: The Quest Adventure
Today I bring you an interview with game developer: rudolph101, the creator of Little Big Garden: The Quest Adventure

DDude9091: Hello, Rudolph. 
rudolph101: Hi there!

DDude9091: I'm going to be inquiring about your most popular game so far, Little Big Garden: The Quest Adventure
rudolph101: Okay then! Go ahead!

DDude9091: Let's get started a question about the past. What was the first actual game you made?
rudolph101: That was probably 'Who Killed Mario' which I spent years updating! I was so eager to get it to the front page and finally did back in December 2011! It was even reviewed on here! One of my proudest moments!

DDude9091: Reviewed by Banjobug, I remember that. Wasn't necessarily your best building, may I say, but the scripting was flawless, and very creative. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it myself.
rudolph101: Ahaha! Thank you very much! Yeah the building wasn't too good, although I am thinking of updating the game soon! Glad you liked it! I was trying to make it as original and unique as possible! I like to think I succeeded in doing so!

DDude9091: So, let's get to the game that's being reviewed here. Did you have any help creating it?
rudolph101: I did have a little bit of help as when my scripts didn't work I resorted to the forums to get advice. I also had help from my 
friend, veng2 who helped me test after pretty much every update! Although I built everything myself and scripted myself!

DDude9091: And ads? I do believe I saw an advertisement for LBG.
rudolph101: Yeah I advertised it for about 20,000 tickets each time. I attempted to add some humor into my advertisement as I'm terrible at doing anything too artistic. 

rudolph101's advertisement 

DDude9091: When I played this for the first time, I noticed that you have similarities between your games. Repetition of certain types of quests, I suppose, like the logic puzzles.
rudolph101: Yeah there are some similarities between my games. Things that work well in some are improved in another game! Although I also come up with new ideas for every game I make!

DDude9091: What inspired the idea of LBG?
rudolph101: Close to the start of the year my friend and I went on a Toy Story inspired game where you had to complete quests. In this game you were small. The problem was you could finish quests without starting them, and they were just a bit boring really. So instantly I came up with the idea to make my own quest game, but where everything was scripted well and with a variety of quests.

DDude9091: Any future games that you've been thinking about creating? 
rudolph101: Well I've started building a new quest game for Christmas due to popular demand. I'm also thinking about building another quest game next year, another obstacle course and another secret idea.

DDude9091: What are your thoughts on the Developer's Exchange Program? 
rudolph101: I think it's a brilliant idea as it will encourage more users to perhaps put more effort into creating games and clothes! I'm not too sure about how it works at the moment but I'm sure it'll be great! I can't wait to see it in action!

DDude9091: I think that just about wraps it up. Have a nice day, rudolph! 
rudolph101: Thank you DDude! Have a nice day too!

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