Friday, October 11, 2013

Halloween Gift Guessers: Elegant Gift of the Mad Scientist

Elegant Gift of the Mad ScientistOn the eleventh day of BLOXTober the Elegant Gift of the Mad Scientist was released. With a hefty price tag of R$1,500 the decision on buying this gift should not be taken lightly. On a side note; finally, a gift with a creative name! In recent years ROBLOX gift names have been getting duller and duller and this reminds me of the original titles of the 2007 Christmas gifts.

The gift features a sharp texture and excellently curated mesh with bolts on the side and hair placed over the top of the box. With a great colour scheme and effective shadows on the texture, this makes for a brilliant gift design. All of this is topped with a simple bow on the top.

Our Gift Guesser theories are as follows:

The term 'mad scientist' refers to the evil genius Victor Frankestein who brought life and animation to a dead corpse he had reconstructed through an unorthodox experiment involving lighting.  The shape of the gift resembles Frankenstein's monster's head complete with the stitched mouth. This implies that the gift will of course be something to do with the old Halloween tale. It is likely to be some kind of head (hat) as we still do not have a full Frankenstein head mesh despite all the other Franken items that have come out. I would envision it to look something along the lines of the image to the left. In studio it's simple named 'FrankenBox', not really adding any extra clues.

2. Our second gift guesser theory would be some kind of gear item related to Frankenstein's monster. This is implied through the price of 1.5k Robux, which would be a large ask for just a simple Franken mask. Perhaps this gear item would spawn the monster, with an animation scripted to show him coming to life with a strike of lightning. A tad ambitious perhaps, but the content team are capable of something like that. Alternatively the gear item could in-fact transform your character into Frankenstein's monster himself with a cool animation, perhaps granting special abilities to the user. This transformation could involve the current Frankenstein package which has been bumped back up in the catalog to help celebrate BLOXTober. It would also feature a Frankenstein head (new or old), perhaps using this current hat.

3. Our third and final theory would be a new package, featuring a revamped body and new hat for the user to enjoy. This not that likely, as I mentioned above that there is already a Frankenstein package. It must be noted however, that there are two Werewolf packages, so it is still entirely possible.

That's all I have for this Gift Guessers post. Thanks for reading!

Editor of Roblox News