Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Elvinusa's Top 5 Time: Group Bases!

Welcome,Elvinusa here! Today ill be beginning what I call Top 5 Time. I will be making Top 5 articles once a week. Furthermore each week I will bring in new and exciting people, tips and places!
Today on Top 5 time I will be exploring ROBLOXs Finest Group Bases, Training Grounds and Meeting Places! I will state some group interaction experiences and introductions’ for each place.

5) Noble Regicide Fort Noble:
When you arrive here the most noticeable thing is the c framing. It is so crisp and perfectly aligned I feel obliged to place it in this list! The fog was balanced perfectly, and even the trees though built awkwardly blended in well. The fort design is well in order and I am happy to say that renovation is being undertaken to fill in empty space (lots of which this base has)! The terminal is simple and prides itself in not being one touch.For all you c-framers out there this is the place to gain inspiration!

4) Team Domino Fort Aamon:
Upon arrival to Fort Aamon the first thing that hits me is the amazing startup animation! When you enter the game a smooth rotation around the base is shown before directing the player to another screen Gui where you choose your team then spawn. Normally these rotations are mere flashes around the base and are no different from an annoying strobe, but the rotation here is completed excellently!
The Fort is based around a forestry area with somewhat of a beach. The Fort is Modern but simple, and is fair for raiders and group members alike! The terminal is located on the far side of the map inside what seems to be a multipurpose building with training grounds, meeting rooms and offices. The terminal is well scripted and based on a second count down system.

3) F.E.A.R Fort Cyro:
When you arrive in the map, you automatically think of your fun snow days, and when you think of snow - you think of snow forts!
This map is a meticulously built platform of detail and precision.C-framed hills and mountains surround the terrain and the formidable slopes tower over your head. The futuristic screen Guis can be a little annoying at times but are a good addition to the fort on balance. The fort consists of 2 guns all of which fire microscopic lasers which can be slightly annoying and a gigantic knife that glitches every now and then. Inside the base is a teleportation system upon arriving to it, you have an option of selecting floor 1 or floor 2.Floor 1 teleports you to the terminal which acts as a power orb. Nearby also sits a creatively designed laser jail. Raiders are forced inside a hollow metal contraption. When a button is pushed (can only be pushed by F.E.A.R or allies) a blue laser shoots out and locks the player in place.
Floor 2 takes you to a floor containing a small gallery of photos, a clinic, cafeteria and several private offices.

2) Crimson Blood Empire Palace Hidden Valley:
When you arrive, almost immediately you can feel the strange eeriness to this base. The sky is mostly dark and provides a unique area for game play. Forward you head and you see a quiet dark lake of blood. Rotting bodies float rather frightfully in it and you quickly walk over the bridge. After a quick walk you glance up quickly and can see the massive power the base of CBE represents. Four humongous figures tower over the entrance to the base and a lonely bridge tower between. Inside stands a Defiant ROBLOXian resembling the group owner Domm37.The statue itself acts as the terminal as it runs off seconds. Inside the base lies two buildings a meeting building and a throne room with a great and scary fire in the middle.

1) Noble Blade Fort Audax:
The last base I will be reviewing is one of immense praise. Each spawn is carefully designed and planned. Detailed models and statues line up the entire domain making this base have the best area for exotic sword fighting. In the middle of the base is a large statue of the Group owner (quite a trend I can see) embracing the sky and power from above, arms outstretched in silent glory. A nifty bridge leads to a tall standing and well-built fort wall. A quick and easy obby leads over it where a good-looking terminal stands as well as a storage area, multipurpose building and a throne area located outside. This base is in my opinion the most fair with raiders and allies spawning exactly the same distance away from the terminal. Under the bridge is a secret tunnel, that leads up to the fort and an AI there also supplies you with special perks like faster speed and jump height.


Oh and shout out to ancientdanicj for the new hat suggestion!I absolutely love it!