Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween Gift Guessers: Gift of the Dark Night

Hello there. IBarrageI and Arbirator here giving you the first installment of what we call "Gift Guessers". This is where we analyse the gifts that roblox release and then give you our guesses on what's inside them.

Today was the release of the first gift; Gift of the Dark Night.
Gift of the Dark Night
This cute little bat looks to be in the shape of a glasses case. (I guess you have to own a pair of glasses to know what they look like).

But, I think the contents of this gift become even clearer when you read the description:
"They'll protect you, but not at night."

To put it simply, this is what people say about sunglasses. "They protect you from the sun, but not the moon"
This suggests that what's inside could be sunglasses.

However, the item inside may prove to be a flock of bats because of the plural ('they') in the description. This would be in continuity with the famous 'flock of bats' joke placed in the description of the Gift of Sinister Ascension which was released Halloween 2012. 

Our final gift guess for this box would be a ROBLOX face similar or even identical to the one on the gift wrapping. This is the least likely item to come out of the gift however, because there has only ever been ONE face within a ROBLOX gift - Christmas 2010, inside the FaceBlox gift

At 100 R$ this gift is simply put as "Afordable and pleasable". So, I'd get it if you like sunglasses (Maybe)

Thanks for reading!
~IBarrageI and Arbirator