Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Gift Guessers: Big BOOtiful Gift of Destiny


     On the thirteenth day of BLOXTober the Big BOOtiful Gift of Destiny was released. This gift costs 31,000R$ and is the final gift for the Halloween season! Two years ago, ROBLOX began making gifts a Halloween tradition too. And that year, they made a high-priced, 31,000R$ gift, which people call the "Big Gift" which contained a Dominus Messor inside. The next year they did it again and inside was Dominus Vespertilio. This year,  ROBLOX has done it again, but who knows what's inside? Let's crack it down.

Chubbs21's Theory:
     For the past 2 years we have seen a Dominus come out of the Big Gift. In the gift boxes, they gave three options, a Domino Crown, a Dominus, or something silly. This year, it gives no hint to either. As it still isn't clear, this may or may not happen. The description is a reference from The Tick, a superhero. It includes the number 52,000 which is the price of another Limited U Dominus if there ever is another. (Add 13k every time) If it is a Dominus, chances are it's Purple as that color hasn't been used yet in the Dominus Series.

This gift could be a Domino Crown, it would be the first in ROBLOX Halloween Gifts. Last year a fellow user made a Black Iron Domino Crown at around Halloween time. Shedletsky happened to see it and really liked it, but it wasn't the big gift. Will this year be the year?
Since there is no given theories in the description, this could be anything. It could be a Dominus or a Domino Crown. It can even be a rumored Ghosdeerie or Dual Ghostwalkers. It can even be a new ... of the Federation Crown. There really are no hints, so I will guess a Domino Crown. Absolutely nothing hints in any specific direction.

Arbirator's Theory:

    Regarding the gift's description, the fact that the traditional 'this gift could one of a number of items' has been scrapped speaks for itself. This act of abandoning the description in favour of a more cryptic clue hints that the traditional way of doing things is being left behind, and probably the traditional items too. With this whole new approach, it is unlikely that a Dominus is wrapped up within the gift box, as it seems as if they wish to leave the whole era behind. A Dominus will not be released for the third year in a row (praise Shedletsky!)

I heard from an unspecified source that they had asked the ROBLOX administrators at BLOXcon if any more Dominuses will be released and their answer was simply 'no more Dominuses. If this is true, then clearly we will be expecting one of two items - a Dusekkar, the famed original item symbolising Matt Dusek whom I met at BLOXcon London (he's a great guy). 

My bets would be on a new Dusekkar retexture, as the I believe the Domino days are over (that was close to a song lyric). This was indicated by the remaining Domino Crowns being made limited around the same period, suggesting that BrightEyes wanted to finally get that out of the way before moving on to new things. 

I'm not even going to mention Dual Ghostwalkers, that is just too depressing a subject. 

NonstopEpic's Theory: 

     In previous years, ROBLOX has usually made the description of big halloween gifts as something along the lines of "This is either a dominus, a domino crown, or [insert terrible item here]". However, this time the big gift's description has instead been changed to a quote from cartoon superhero "the Tick", who is a spoof of common cartoon superheroes. At first, this may seem like ROBLOX is not trying to give any clues as to what's in the gift. Also, most likely to throw people off, the gift's name has "BOOtiful" in the title, so it could be ghost-related, the gift is named "Batbox" in game like last year's gift, and the gift's mesh and texture both refer to it as a "Pumpkin gift". So what this could this gift actually be? Well, I've come up with a couple of theories as to what it is.
My most likely theory - Ghosdeeri (or just any generic retexture of Dusekkar)
Ghosdeeri, the Cursed Spirit
     In the last sale, DarkGenex once again tried to advertise one of his retextures; named Ghosdeeri, many thought it would be the big item of the sale, but instead the Duke of the Federation and the Black Iron Bucket were the big items. Rumors have been going around though that Ghosdeeri might still have a chance at coming out. Observant users have noticed that this gift is similar to the original Dusekkar as both have quotes from the Tick talking about destiny. It would also make sense for the "BOOtiful" part since Ghosdeeri is meant to be a hybrid between ghost and pumpkin. However, ROBLOX could be trying to trick us again. Last year the big gift had a bunch of clues proving that it could be a domino crown, but ROBLOX instead decided to release another dominus. This leads to my next theory.
My unexpected gift theory - Dual Ghostwalkers
     Dual Ghostwalkers has been another long rumored gift idea. The Dual Swords series started at the end of last year, and so far both Dual Illumina and Dual Darkheart have been failures, so it would be a shame if Dual Ghostwalkers came out of this. Nethertheless, it could happen, as it would also be "bootiful" and it would make you the "protector of this place". Or at least, protector of yourself. However, I believe months ago somewhere stickmasterluke said that they aren't releasing dual gears as gifts anymore due to Dual Illumina's failure. But you never know.
My worst gift theory - A new domino or dominus
     I have not been a fan of gifts that follow patterns, as it makes them too predictable/tiresome. It's still possible that a Black Iron Domino Crown could come out of a gift, but I wouldn't really bet on it. Domino crowns are usually Christmas items, and all the nonlimited domino crown went limited a few months ago, so it wouldn't be necessary to release another domino crown. A sixth dominus would not be necessary either, plus since the 2012 Christmas gift broke the pattern of Christmas domino crowns, it's likely that the 2013 Halloween gift will break the pattern of Halloween domini.

DarkGenex's Theory
Unfortunately, DarkGenex's theory is a little too long to put into this already lengthy post, so we are going to be nice gentlemen and provide a simple link for you to read it on the ROBLOX forums. You can read it HERE.

 Overall, it seems evident that ROBLOX is trying to hint at a new Dusekkar retexture. In all honesty, I hope this isn't a misleading gift like last year's, as it would be REALLY NICE to see a new start of possibly a new classic hat retexture series, rather than getting another add-on to an existing series.

Thanks for reading!

Chubbs21, NonstopEpic and Arbirator