Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gear Review: Hallo-Cycle

Hello! Pbjms here with another gear review. Sorry for no major "reviewing" posts lately, as the Halloween Events of BLOXtober have really been inspiring me to write about them. Anyway, along with the Halloween Event's release came a near gear to help transportation - the Hallo-Cycle. I'm going to set up this article a bit differently, just as a little heads up so nobody gets confused.

"Hey! You are on fire! Use this cycle to speed through ROBLOX's gigantic Halloween level"

So, over the weekend during the Halloween Event's BETA testing, ROBLOX released a gear to help transportation. It is another motorcycle gear, which has only one main point; to help you get around the BLOXtober 2013's event faster. It's use in any other game is quite pointless in my opinion as you can get cheaper alternatives. In the released version of the event, it usually lags very much, and flings into the sky, but hey - nothing's perfect.
The cycle is priced at 999 R$, which is an odd price, really. Why not just 1,000 R$, you may ask. Well the answer is simple: I don't know. Anyway, for a regular motorcycle that really just helps your walkspeed, it's too much. But, under the circumstances that it helps you get around the event much quicker, the price is more reasonable.
The look of the big wheel is VERY cool. It is shaped like a normal motorcycle that we may see out on the streets during our normal lives, but the texture is what makes it stand out. The metal of it is orange like a pumpkin, while the seat and handles are purple. There is fire on the sides, and a large engine underneath. The cool thing in game is the shear amount of fire that comes out of the back of the bike. It speeds up the transportation speed of the ROBLOXian letting them get somewhere in less than a 1/4 of the time it would take them to walk.
If you were to ask me, and you really look forward to collecting every BLOXikin this event, this motorcycle is a must-have. It will help you SO much, because you know, walking on ROBLOX for hours isn't really the best thing to do in your free time.