Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Exclusive BLOXcon London Interview Tonitoni!

At BLOXcon London I met hundreds of avid ROBLOX fans, and got to talk with countless readers of Roblox News. It was an invaluable experience which brought to my attention what readers wanted to see, but also to mark achievements of contributes to the blog. I got the chance to interview a number of ROBLOXians about their experiences at the BLOXcon and on the site in general. There was an overwhelming positive atmosphere to the RAF Museum with smiles all around and was an excellent opportunity to advertise the blog, job positions and talk about events we have hosted such as the RN Egg Hunt 2013. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the day was meeting the staff running the show, but also getting to talk to 'famous' or well-known users, such as TheGamer101 (who is actually two twins) and of course: Tonitoni.


This post is long overdue I am aware, as BLOXcon London was over two months ago. The video was uploaded in August, but I forgot to make a formal blog post about it. So here it is, an interview with the world-renowned clan owner, and fellow ROBLOXian: Tonitoni. In this interview with discuss his ROBLOX career, how he got into clans and why he eventually left them. The main focus of the clan discussing revolves around 'The Robloxian Army' otherwise known as the 'TRA'. We also talked about his winning BLOXXY entry: Helm's Deep which is an intriguing project based on the location from the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers - an excellent film might I add. to

Interview conducted by Arbirator

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