Saturday, October 5, 2013

RN Sword Fighting Tourny Brackets

Sword Fighting Tourny Round 1 Brackets

After lots of mail telling me to "GET ON WITH IT ALREADY", the first round is finally ready. Brandon and Dthshadow will be the first to duel, and are also going to be used as an example. Here's how the tourny will work: The two will be placed on opposite ends of the map in the arena. It will be best out of three, first to two wins, however you wish to put it. I won't waste time explaining, if you have any questions at all, just PM me.

I will PM you when I want you to duel, times will be arranged, etc. This will not all happen at once, probably over several days.

Brandon8569 vs. Dthshadow34  
DJShawnz vs. CynicalChris  
Elvinusa vs. Dacoolman04  
Robloxer032 vs. Pogy12  
Marlfox63 vs. Spaceranger7  
Bennyhill44 vs. DSStriker12  
Ancientdanijc vs. Asfi2000  
Superepicchicken vs. FriendlyLOLpwnzr
WindowOpenSonic vs. Cooldude1847  
MrGarryBlox vs. Darthz2  
Arbirator vs. Thelegender
Kingfireball360 vs. Zakary99  
Allstarpokemon vs. Darkgenex